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We often hear sayings like “That person is carrying so much baggage” or “If you want answers, look inside yourself first.” However, we tend to focus on the mind and body before the soul, as the saying goes, mind, body, soul.

When healing yourself, I believe starting with your soul is crucial.

Why is it so important to pay attention to the soul? The soul holds all the answers to who we are and what our life’s purpose is.

I am not talking about our vocational purpose or all the other hats or masks we put on, but our life’s purpose. The lesson that we need to learn in this lifetime can be hard to pinpoint.

There are 12 different lessons according to Steve Rother. 

In this blog, I would like to share with you Lesson 6- Creation, expressing self-power.

The key qualities include living within a field of polarity, where we cannot see that we are creators, and therefore, we alone hold the power of creation within our thoughts.

We all have this blind spot to a greater or lesser degree. People working on this as their primary lesson have tremendous abilities of creation, yet they have great difficulties channeling this into practical creations in their own lives. They may be people whom everyone knows have great creative abilities, and everything they touch is an effortless masterpiece, yet they’ve never been able to make a living at anything steady. Their blind spot always keeps them from seeing their creations or their creative ability, even so, they can often find themselves successfully teaching the creative arts.

In our society, it is the male who has traditionally been supported to create. Thus, many souls working on this life lesson choose to incarnate as females. Add this to the lack of self-confidence many women seem to have, and what we often end up with are women who hide their creations or who create thoughts through their spouse, thereby giving the illusion that it is the spouse doing all the creating!

The key to mastering this life lesson is to find the balance of personal responsibility. Finding a way to take more personal responsibility will increase an individual’s sense of personal power, thereby helping him or her master the life of creation.

By checking in with your soul and questioning yourself, you can start to identify the connection between your life lesson and the patterns that are holding you back from your utmost best self.

Through my training with Dr. Claire Zammit, I have found that there are 21 core patterns that women can create. The pattern I feel that’s connected to this lesson that women struggle with is invisibility or not being seen.

Key Qualities:  Prioritising others and offering support ahead of their own needs. Need to control how others see them.  Expecting others to recognise the unspoken thoughts and emotions they harbor and undergo.

They are highly creative and able to see possibilities that remain invisible to others.These are just a few instances, and the alignment may vary based on whether it’s linked to success or matters of love and intimacy.

Exploring the interplay between soul purpose, blocks, patterns, and old beliefs reveals genuine insights. Embracing the concept and delving deeper into self-reflection will gradually unveil the answers you seek.

In conclusion delving into the realms of soul healing, life lessons, and the intricate patterns that shape our existence can be a transformative journey. By acknowledging the significance of our soul in the healing process, we unlock a profound understanding of who we are and our life’s purpose.

The lessons we navigate, such as the powerful lesson of Creation, highlight the delicate dance between self-awareness and personal responsibility.

As we explore the unique patterns and qualities connected to our individual lessons, particularly the challenge of invisibility that many women grapple with, we begin to unravel the complexities that hold us back. Prioritising self-discovery and embracing the power of our own creations allows us to step into our fullest potential.

Happy Reading Deb

Debbie Paull has trained in Holistic wellness for over 30 years including Past Life Regression, and Life between Lives, and most recently RMT Life Coach in strategic intervention.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to share your thoughts…. stay tuned for more blogs and articles where I will delve into topics of life, personal growth, our 6 Human needs, and other patterns women can develop through old beliefs that are holding us back from our true selves.

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