Batgap Interview with Lissa Friedman: Shift into the Boundless

 Interview with Rick Archer and Lissa Friedman, Batgap Feb 15, 2023
There have always been three deep interests that have informed Lissa’s life; and those are art, spirituality, and psychotherapy which all tend to reflect each other. She has been an artist since childhood, had spiritual experiences since she was 6, and her interest in psychology began at twelve when she started reading psychology books.
There were some experiences during her childhood which indicated an opening for spiritual awareness. The first was when she was walking to school when she was 6, and she realized that she was in this body. The second happened many times when several light beings would sit on my bed and talk to me before she went to sleep. Their energy was very distinct. She could feel the weight of them on her bed.
Lissa’s spiritual journey actively began when she was 19 and began doing TM. After TM she had a few other spiritual teachers and many spiritual openings, or awakenings, throughout my life. The last most significant experience, which was several years ago, was when she was taking a walk and she heard a voice inside of me say “it’s time”. She wasn’t sure what that meant, but she thought it might become clear by connecting with the group of light beings. When she did, an energy began to flow through her. Lissa soon got another message that this was not just for herself, it was to share with others. This led her to gather a few people together to meditate, and with whom to share this energy. She had no idea if anyone else would feel the flow of energy, but they did. Lissa’s meetings with people have evolved into a sharing of wisdom and energy that flows from this spaciousness, which is the Boundless.The importance of this sharing is that it helps all of us shift into the consciousness of the One, or Infinite, or Boundless. This is a small step away from knowing that we are the Boundless. As we move through the world as the Boundless, there is a ripple effect. Sharing this shift in frequency facilitates, an expansion in human consciousness; where more people know that we are all One. Through an energetic transmission, people are guided to take the next step on their spiritual journey.
Lissa has been a psychotherapist for about 40 years, during this time she has been trained and/or certified in several modalities including; Transpersonal Hypnotherapy through the Michael Newton Institute, and Hypnotherapy through the Ericksonian School.

Lissa is the founder of the Enneagram School of Awakening, which is accredited by The International Enneagram Association.
Her work is under the Transpersonal Psychotherapy banner as she helps people work through personal limiting patterns, as well as guiding them to open to their true nature, which is beyond the personal.

Lissa has written two books Boundless – Experiential description of stepping into the boundless, and her journey to the Boundless; and From the Heart of Boundless – discussions and teachings about obstacles and issues that might get in the way of connecting to the Boundless.

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