Zero Gravity by David J. Pena.


Zero Gravity is the perfect place to be when listening to this delightful cinemascopic work from David J. Pena.  Titled Zero Gravity introduced with a sweeping, rich ambience sound, the delicate notes of the piano anchoring the piece to this earth before it flies away.

Pena within the confines of this robust and lovely body of work, appears to be dreaming of a journey to a delightfully peaceful place that he is prepared to share with all who care to listen, to join him on his relaxing and ambient journey.

Each of the pieces has been artfully created. Hour Glass evokes the memory of these wonderful, archaic measuring devices, once used to measure the transit of time, amongst so many other measurable objects associated with life. Intriguing, deep and yet delicate, this an evocative piece.

Will You Dance, Will You is the question asked as this tantalising piece offers the subtle taste of a time long gone when dancing with one’s chosen partner was a thing of grace, delight, enjoyment and romance.

Sombre and yet reflective Forgiven changes the tempo a little but still holds the sweeping, rich and deeply enjoyable orchestral ambience, which flows into the catchy Jeanette. A nice, bright, breeze song that lifts the mood, introducing a little big-hearted enjoyment into the spectrum of the day.

Evocative and concluding a delightful, enjoyable trip to Zero Gravity is Awaiting Your Return, a song filled with happiness, a sense of anticipation and joy, which captures Pena at his best. Strong yet delicate piano interwoven with lavish orchestral backing makes Zero Gravity a most enjoyable 45 minutes of escape to another place only you can discover.

David J. Peña is a drummer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist raised in Mission, TX and based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area whose compositions conjure vast worlds and cinematic visions through their evocative soundscapes and imaginative development.


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Review By Janet Mawdesley

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