A Critical Introduction to Tarot by Simon Kenny


Tarot is an art that goes back through time, further than ever imagined by the layperson or often practitioner, who is familiar with the Tarot of divination, the purported ability of a pack of cards to be able to predict the future via the mystical aspects of the new age philosophies which are becoming prevalent once again.

Simon Kenny has spent considerable time researching the topic of Tarot from its earliest beginnings, the political influence once held, cult status, witchcraft, and even the somewhat secretive Freemasons have been considered to have influences of Tarot within the structure.

But what is it that gives it the ‘power’ considered to be able to predict the future and how do you, or even they, learn the art of understanding the cards and their true meaning? This question or if you like curiosity is the point that encouraged Simon Kenny to research Tarot, to try and discover whether the so-called ‘dark’ arts worked or whether it is a product of a delusional mind.

Having been an aspect of New Age practitioners in the 1970s and the following years, Tarot was everywhere; the cards were available with books to tell you how to do just about everything. Many were disillusioned by the inability to understand the cards, let alone the symbolism and slowly it faded from the forefront of modern-day spiritualism.

Time, Covid and many ever-changing aspects of the world today have seen a resurgence of people wanting to understand life on a deeper level and once again the art of Tarot is slowly returning. This book, or rather essay or event thesis, will not tell you how to use the cards, but will certainly give a sound understanding of the principles and history of this intriguing mystical art.

For beginners A Critical Introduction to Tarot is a must read, for practitioners the information contained within the book should be read to better understand the intricacies of this age-old craft and for anyone with an interest in things metaphysical, the basis of the research into Tarot, not the use of the cards, is well worth the time invested reading the book.

Author              Simon Kenny
Publisher           Collectiveink Books
ISBN                 978-1-80341-392-1
Website             www.collectiveinkbooks.com/iff-books/our-books/critical-introduction-tarot
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Review By         Ian Banks


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