Working with Nature


Even if you know very little about conservation and the environment, which would be hard to believe in today’s world, Jeremey Purseglove, in his latest book Working with Nature has created a surprisingly interesting and informative book spelling out just what is happening and why some sort of brakes need to be applied to what appears to be reckless devastation of the world’s forests, oceans, rivers and plains, before there is very little left to be concerned about.

Purseglove has spent his life working as an environmentalist in the water industry and speaks from a platform of firsthand knowledge in regard to the blatant and careless use of natural resources. He now, through his own consultancy, works with other engineers to create practical developments of wetlands, forests and flower rich meadows, to ensure that there is something left for the future.

Using his travels and work-based knowledge gained from extensive experience worldwide, and although this book tends to focus on the Northern hemisphere, the basics are the same. Regardless of where the situation occurs which requires land to be ‘developed’ for agricultural purposes, that should the careless and destructive practices continue occurring, nature in its inevitability will overpower and when it does, nothing but devastation will result.

Campaigning with passion, he clearly explains that moderation can be applied to development with better results, and offers solutions that are insightful, workable and environmentally sound. In many ways this is a style of biography, in others a massive shout out to seeking a better, more environmental way forward for agriculture and natural resource usage.

With the devastation taking place in Australia due to unprecedented fires, Greta Thunberg and the youth of the world campaigning vigorously for better environmental practices, to ensure there is still something left of the natural world for their generation and the generations to come, it is very hard to ignore the destruction of Mother Earth which been taking place openly on a global scale.

Working With Nature speaks out loud and clear, offering practical solutions to what can now be classed as devastation on a major scale. The solutions offered should be considered as profoundly important.

Title:              Working with Nature
Author:         Jeremy Purslove
ISBN:            9781788161596
Publisher:    Profile Books

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