Inside the Secret Life of Fairies


Maggie Hamilton has written many spiritual and social justice books. In her quest for knowledge, she has spent the last decade visiting temples and cathedrals, sacred glades, woodlands and magical places throughout the world, seeking the spiritual and the inhabitants of the fairy realm about whom she writes so poignantly.

If I am going to be truthful, I started to read Inside the Secret Life of Fairies as a sceptic, however, the further I read the more enchanting I found Maggie’s words. Her interaction with her beloved fairies and the anecdotes of people from all walks of life and all ages, who see and communicate with the fairy folk, are truly fascinating and memorable.

To access our own fairies and magical beings we must immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature, summer, autumn, winter and spring. Maggie encourages us to seek and look with eyes wide open to find our own fairy friends be it flower fairies, water fairies, rock, tree or stone fairies, it would seem that fairies abound and want to be found.

The good fairies bring wisdom, healing and peace to us and the environment plus if you have a house fairy you are very blessed. The day I finished Maggie’s delightful book in went in to my garden to dead head the roses and found myself apologising to the roses and their fairy keepers as I meant no harm.

Maggie’s book is indeed convincing and a pleasure to read.

Title:          Inside the Secret Life of Fairies
Author:         Maggie Hamilton
ISBN:           9781401958893
Publisher:    Hay House

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