Wood, Steel, and Grace


From beginning to end  this latest release from New Latitude, Wood, Steel and Grace is one immensely enjoyable journey into whatever phase, style, beat rhythm or mood you choose, as the music effortlessly segues from one style to another, leaving behind a desire to simply push reset as the final note is played.

Wood, Steel and Grace simply put, is a fantastic, lively, beautifully constructed and executed work. which demonstrates the skill of the musicians as they set about not simply demonstrating their skill and craft, but also enjoying the moment as they breathe life into a music score which, until it is transformed by  skilled hands, is nothing more than notes on paper; a dream, a vision, a creation waiting to be born.

Noted for their ability to move fluidly across genres, New Latitude have created a work full of vibrancy that sparkles, dancing off the pages, captivating the emotions as they take you from jazz, to rock, via a dash of new age and all somehow with a Latino thread of pulsating rhythm running through each of the pieces.

This is more than ably demonstrated in the catchy, jazz piece Open Road which brings to mind immediately the open expanses of long open roads found in many countries where the terrain is open, wide flat and endlessly immense.

Just when everything seems to flow along with an upbeat tempo along comes Alpenglow a completely diverse piece which appears to be composed for harpsichord, giving the piece a lovely melodic, peaceful feel of times long time, of elegance, structure and tonal flexibility.

Moving right along to the interesting Old Friends this work contains a sense of familiarity before dissolving into the final and immensely enjoyable Prismatic Sky, a piece filled with reflection, pleasure and emotion, presenting a beautiful, unexpected, elegant composition to conclude an album of adventure, fun, enjoyment and uplifting moments of nothing more than pure fun.

New Latitude have in this third work Wood, Steel and Grace lived up to their reputation of delivering music that delights, combining many influences and out of so many styles have created a perfectly executed work to simply delight the soul.

Title:               Wood, Steel, and Grace
Artists:             New Latitude
Web:               http://www.newlatitudemusic.com

Reviewed by Jan Mawdesley Bluewolf Reviews

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