Peace in This Land by Bob Yonker


Dainty and delicate, this gentle work from Bob Yonker, Peace In This Land is certainly a very timely release, all-be-it that it was released in December 2019, at a time when the world was gearing up for another Christmas, completely innocent of what was going to be contained in the few opening months of the New Year of 2020; a year that held fresh hope for many and in many ways still will.

Yonker is well known for composing music that bathes the very soul in calm, peaceful music, music he considers is sent to him through Spirit, to settle and calm the distress created by life in the everyday world; never has this style of music been more needed.

Solo piano played in his own compositions offers a time to be taken to simply be, to go within, to relax and enjoy the contemplation we are all called to undertake from time to time. The track titles are an excellent way of selecting random pieces should this be the way of choice beginning with Morning Meditation, a measured piece full of freshness, a prayer of thanks with which to begin a fresh new day.

Slow and melodic the beautiful Whisper of the Wind offers a journey to a special place, a place of light, relaxation and renewal, whereas Golden returns the journeyman into the realms of everyday in a gentle and soothing style, until the slightly upbeat tempo arrives to energise the spirit back to reality once again.

Skipping across the keyboard Circle of Light is filled with joy, offering a sense that fresh beginnings will be achievable, that anything is possible. Sun and Moon is a really divine track that simply is; the title says it all.

Peace in this Land is the title of the nine track album, as well as the final offering which, after the dancing Sun and Moon is a sombre, reflective piece once again, that offers comfort for challenging times, but also contains a delightful thread of lightness, making this the perfect piece to draw to conclusion a little over thirty minutes of meditation or reflection, or as previously noted, simply used as a stand-alone piece for a quiet moment of relaxation.

Title:                     Peace in This Land
Artist:                   Bob Yonker
Distributor:          HeartDance Records

Reviewed by Jan Mawdesley Bluewolf Reviews

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