Why Raise Your Vibration?


Have you wondered why raising your vibration is important? Bente Hansen shares her insights.

Are you aware of just how powerful you are? Do you realize that all you need to know lies within? Can you see and understand that you are both a student and a teacher – and that the teacher deep within is the best you’ll ever know and have? Or are you still looking for that one special teacher or master to help you understand whatever it is that you seek?

Most of us grew up believing that answers to all the puzzling questions could or would be found when the right master, teacher or books appeared. This process of learning is one that we’re familiar with, as cultural programming has trained us to look outside ourselves for the answers.

Yet, right now, during this time of global uncertainty and upheaval many are learning that what we’ve been taught no longer resonates or isn’t truly relevant to current needs. The craving to understand one’s heritage, or “Roots” as author Arthur Hailey clearly described in his book lies deep within everyone. I’ve heard people say that in order to understand who we are, or what’s happening in the world it’s important to understand history, where our heritage originates, etc.

It is during this time of the Great Awakening that we are opening up to new information about our real heritage and potential. Humans are unique in the multiverse. We have the potential to activate all strands of DNA, and in doing so, activate the real powers and knowledge that have been hidden from us.

Now I’m not talking about conspiracy theories. Instead, I’m referring to the fact that our planet is moving into the Photon Belt, where the high-frequency energies are supporting and activating DNA expansion. This activation is supported by solar flares and other cosmic phenomena.

As this DNA activation creates expansion into 12 strands and beyond, we’re going to see and feel things in a vastly different way.

Psychic abilities will become the norm for everyone. The desire to cherish all life will become dominant. Conflict will become a thing of the past. Our way of life will be vastly different from how it is currently, and will ultimately be built on community, peace, and living in harmony with nature.

Best of all our ability to navigate these massive shifts will come from within, from the inner wisdom that’s always been there, and is awaiting an opportunity to emerge.

What is needed to support this process?

Over many years I’ve expounded on the importance of living a heart-centred life. Living from the heart will become the main way of functioning, with mind reasoning and logic no longer holding dominance.

Raising our individual energy frequency/vibration is an important part of this change process. Every person is responsible for their own energy expansion. This message is one that’s come through in the many channellings I’ve undertaken over the years. What techniques do I value to hold that higher frequency in order to support further DNA activation?

Most of what I share will be familiar to you. There are many ways, each unique to an individual, that support this process. These are some of mine:

  1. Meditation of any kind. I go into a meditative state when gardening and doing my morning power walk.
  2. Appreciation and gratitude are expressed daily and felt for the many pluses in life. Even the challenges!
  3. Spending time in nature, communicating with trees, feeling their energy, hearing their words.
  4. Seeing and honouring the soul in every encounter – with animals as well as humans. Every connection is a sacred connection
  5. Spending time in solitude and reflection.
  6. Emptying the mind regularly, focusing on breathwork.
  7. Being mindful of what is put into my body – in the way of thoughts, food, energies.
  8. Remembering and upholding the teachings of The Four Agreements – Be Impeccable With Your Word, Don’t Take Anything Personally, Don’t Make Assumptions and Always Do Your Best.
  9. I love gonging, it works well with my body. For others, sound healing and/or other forms of energy work are powerful in shifting stagnant energy and enabling a frequency shift within.

Over the past thirty years, I’ve healed a great deal of trauma pain and undertaken forgiveness work. What you feel works best for you is up to you. Right now, it’s important that as many people as possible raise their individual vibration to the highest possible frequency. The future of our planet depends on the combined efforts of millions of us. I can’t put it any clearer.

Love and peace




Bente Hansen, an intuitive wellness consultant. She is also an energy healer, soul healer, inspirational speaker, energetic channel, spiritual counsellor, author, radio host, and teacher.  www.dynamicenergyhealing.net




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