Understanding Modern Spirituality: Interview with Inna Segal


An Exploration of Your Soul and Higher Truths

Inna Segal latest book

For anyone seeking a better understanding of spirituality in today’s world and your own Soul’s Journey in life, you must watch this interview with Inna Segal.

Inna is the bestselling author of The Secret Language of Your Body, The Secret Language of Your Soul, The Secret of Life Wellness, and The Secret Language of Colour Cards. Inna is a gifted healer and a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and intuitive healing!

Open your mind and be prepared to take a deep dive into her latest book – Understanding Modern Spirituality -An Exploration of Your Soul and Higher Truths. We discuss topics like the role of the Angels, Archangels, and Archi; what happens when we sleep, the soul’s journey on earth, reincarnation, and karma, how our thoughts influence our personal and collective evolution and what creates soul numbness and the consequences like depression and confusion.

A truly enlivening and challenging conversation.

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About Inna

Inna Segal is an internationally recognised healer, professional speaker and author. With over 20 years of experience in energy medicine and human consciousness, she has established herself as a leading expert. Inna’s clients include doctors, CEOs, healthcare professionals, actors, and sports personalities.

Inna is the creator of the renowned ‘Awaken The Healer Within’ healing programs and the best-selling award-winning author of several books, including “The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness,” “The Secret Language of Colour Cards,” and “The Secret of Life Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life’s Big Questions.” Her new book, “Understanding Modern Spirituality,” was released in mid 2023, along with her new healing card decks.

Known for her exceptional intuitive abilities, Inna has the unique capability to “see” illness and blocks in a person’s body by intuitive means. Through this gift, she can explain what is occurring and guide individuals through self-healing processes. Her teachings and healing methodologies have helped numerous individuals transform their health and improve their quality of life.

Inna Segal’s expertise and profound insights have been featured on various platforms, making her a highly sought-after speaker and facilitator worldwide.

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