The Storm Before The Calm


Excerpt from Neale Donald Walsch’s book of the same name. Neale is the best selling author of the Conversations With God series and the fourth in the series, Conversations with God 4: Awakening the Species, will be released this year.


We are experiencing The Overhaul of Humanity. This is not an exaggeration. This is reality. It is observable at every turn.

Yet here is something that is not so observable: Things are not as they seem.

And I think, before the world and its people get too far along this road, we all need to be aware of that.

We also need to be aware that there’s nothing to be afraid of in our future, if we all play our role in creating it. And that role – the role we are being invited to play by Life Itself – is going to be very easy to play.

I have more that I want to share with you around all this. Let me give you a summary.

  • A major shift is occurring on our planet
  • There is nothing to be afraid of if we all play our role in this shift
  • Our role is easy to play, and it can actually be fun
  • It involves having fabulous conversations revolving around seven simple questions
  • The asking and answering of these questions can result in the creating of solutions to humanity’s biggest problems

A manifesto created by all

It is time for us to place before humanity a New Cultural Story, sending us in brand new directions in politics, economics, culture, education, relationships, work, marriage, sexuality, parenting, and every area of human endeavour; a manifesto created by all of us, working as co-authors.

There are some exciting opening thoughts about what that document could contain that I think you should hear.

Oh, and I don’t want to talk with you just about “world conditions” or “the global situation” or “our planetary crisis.” As important as those topics are, I’m clear that the Overhaul of Humanity is overhauling each of us. One look at how much has changed in your life in the past three years will tell you that.

Easing struggle

So I’d like to have some exchanges with you as well about easing any struggle or negativity that may be present in your own personal life.

Okay, there you have it. The whole agenda. Can we talk?

The Overhaul of Humanity is not a small thing. The words I’ve used to describe this phenomenon are dramatic because the event is dramatic.

It is going to involve (indeed, it is already involving) every aspect of our lives: our governance and politics, our economics and financial stability, our commerce and industry, our social conventions and constructions, our educational systems and approaches, our religions and beliefs, our customs and traditions – in fact, our entire Cultural Story.

We can participate in the Overhaul of Humanity or we can merely witness it – but we cannot stop it. Nor would we want to.

This can be the greatest thing that has happened to our species since our appearance on this planet. The years just ahead, and some of the trials and tribulations we’re going to see, can bring our planet to a new and wonderful place when the process is complete. And the process will be complete in a relatively short period of time.

And you can help bring about that completion if you choose to.

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