How Nature’s Vibrations Awaken Health


By Miranda Munro of Kyela Sacred Sound, Toodyay, Western Australia

The old man lifted his head awkwardly from the pillow, where it had lain for two weeks.

Looking about the darkened room, he watched a sliver of light slide beneath the heavy drapes and wondered how long he had been trussed up in his bed.

Death’s bony hand had reached for him in his dreams but he had stubbornly refused its grip. He knew his lifelong journey had led him here; he realised he had never really been satisfied, always finding fault with what life served up to him. Those chains of discontent that bound him had been his master.

As he squinted at the splinter of light he thought how this was reflective of the way he had lived his life, in a dark space with just enough light that allowed him to stumble about.

The old man was tired: weary life and his perspective of it. How could he have come so far without wanting more?

A tsunami of gold

With the cold thought of death creeping silently in the shadows of his mind he decided to slip from its embrace one last time.

He slid out of his dishevelled bed and with a florid sweep flung open the curtains. The sun came rushing in, a tsunami of light flooding the room in gold.

Quickly he dressed, and although stiff and sore he shuffled his way outside.


It was a balmy summer day of sapphire skies and a comforting heat that wrapped him in a shawl of warmth.

Today was like no other he could ever remember. Everything looked clearer, more polished.

He noticed how the palette of colours that painted the scene around him seemed alive.

He did not want to question this. Instead, he decided, for once, to follow his heart.

The old man sat under the shade of the jacaranda tree and simply breathed: even the air felt clearer.

The sun danced

Next day, and many days following, the old man would wake, throw open the curtains to embrace the day, shuffle his way to the jacaranda, tree and simply be. He did not ponder his past; he did not live in regret as he had done before; nor did he sweat over the fears of the future and worry about what time death would turn up for him.

He heard only the sounds of nature; the whish and whistle of the breeze as it caught his hair; the constant songs of the local birds; the feel of the sun as it danced through the shadows and lapped on his old body.

With each passing day he found it easier to get himself out of bed and one day as he walked to the jacaranda he noticed he had gained a spring in his step. He was standing taller; he felt straighter and his old body no longer ached. When he looked in the mirror that night he noticed his face had softened, a glow had replaced the sallow, sunken look of the past. He was surprised but refused to think too much about it; better not to jinx it.

He had at last become free

Through the months of summer he continued his routine. The old man no longer felt heavy, his thoughts were no longer dark and filled with regret. He felt the opposite and for the very first time, he felt truly alive. Finally, he understood that by simply being he had at last become free of the chains which had bound him to his despair.

That night as he laid his head on the pillow he drifted into a deep, peaceful sleep and when the angel came to help him on, he smiled and took her hand.

The old man had lived his final days in a state of high vibration as he allowed the purity of nature to touch him. Death came to him as an angel, ushering him onto the next plane of his journey.

Lifting our vibration is a conscious decision, one that we hold in our own hands. The way we live can be a breeding ground for discontent and dissonance.

For all of us, the stressors of living are many and they can consume our every breath. The demands on us distract us from fully living. For the most part, we race around on autopilot, the gauge always on half empty, rarely feeling fulfilled.

Modern life has us drained financially, mentally and physically. Oscillating between being time poor, bank balance poor, emotionally empty or mentally vacant, we ease our numbness with stimulants, TV, rich food or mindless distractions, all of which drag our vibrations down and perpetuate our feelings of heaviness.

Illness begins in or energy field

Although we cannot run or hide from life, we can be aware of the effects it has on our vibrations and take responsibility for helping ourselves regain balance.

Most of us understand how stress and bad food create illness, but beyond affecting mind and body, they also affect our energy systems. In fact, illness begins its journey to our mind and body in our energy fields.

Everything has a specific vibrational frequency and these frequencies can resonate with each organ, each illness, each therapy’

As quantum physics now tells us, everything is vibration, including our thoughts and emotions. Everything has a specific vibrational frequency and these frequencies can resonate with each organ, each illness, each therapy.

Each vibration has an accompanying sound, whether we can hear it or not. The sound of cancer is a very low frequency that, if we could hear it, would sound like a jackhammer. In contrast, the sound of Earth is like birdsong.

Negative thoughts hold a low vibration and positive thoughts hold a high vibration.

The human body in a healthy state holds a frequency of 68-70HZ. Environmental factors, the foods we consume and our thoughts and emotions have been shown to lower this frequency.

Edgar Cayce and sound therapy

Unfortunately, even if we meditate, eat well and try to stay positive we are still affected by environmental stress on a daily basis. Vibrational medicine is able to assist us in staying in a higher band of frequency and correcting imbalances.

The late psychic, Edgar Cayce, predicted that sound therapy would be the medicine of the future. Well, that future is now.

Once we view ourselves as multifaceted beings we begin to properly grasp the importance of keeping ourselves in vibrational balance. When we do so, we are better equipped to cope with everyday life.

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© Miranda Munro 2016

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