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There is a fascinating mystery about perfumery. Scents have been extracted from natural substances for centuries. They have been used for transformations, initiations and practical purposes. In mythical stories, scents were used to capture people’s souls. A scent was rarely ‘just’ a scent. In the hands of the knowledgeable, it was a powerful ally in achieving any goal. You and your scent are always in an intimate dance beyond consciousness as you are journeying through your daily life.

The olfactory system is part of your ‘flight or fight’ response and alerts us to changes in the environment. Once the origin of a scent is identified our system can relax. There is a big question around how our bodies deal with isolated compounds or synthetically reproduced isolates. If the system does not recognize the source, it can remain activated for prolonged time and deplete the adrenals.

Natural perfumes that honour these old wisdom do not just smell nice and bring fourth memories but they ‘move’ you, they invite you to connect. Here is an invitation of our new 100% Australian botanical perfume CORE which is the first perfume in our Labyrinth Trilogy created by Halka Beseda from Halka B. Organics:

“I come to you from the depths of the ancient lands of Australia and invite you to unfold the core of your sacred wisdom within and; thus, reset the path of your journey to come. My strength is gentleness and vulnerability. My power is safety and protection. 

I do not push – I only extend invitations. If you accept, I shall draw you in gently and with the greatest respect of your journey gone and your journey still to come. I invite you to meet in the now where you can access your deeper knowing.

Don’t mistake my gentleness for weakness for I am a true warrior. Truth and courage cannot be accessed through the mind for they are matters of the heart. In the unity of all that you are lays the key to the power of creation and the power of love.”

This perfume was created for ASSION Perfumery and the full range is available for you to play with at Halka B. Organics Fremantle or go to to discover more. Enjoy!



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