The Flower of Life Meditation



Flower of Life meditation is a great meditation for combining your daily meditation practice with helping planet Earth to become a more harmonic and peaceful place.

When doing this together with other people at the same time, the effect on humanity and all other living beings can be enhanced.

What is the benefit of doing Flower of Life Mass Meditation?

Studies have shown that mass meditation can transform the collective energy of our surroundings. A study shows that a group of 7000 individuals meditating for peace over 3 weeks can reduce global crime rates, violence, and casualties during the times of their meditation by an average of 16%. Suicide rates and automobile accidents also were reduced with all variables accounted for. Also, there was a 72% reduction in terrorist activity during the times at which this group was meditating.

This is known as the “Maharishi Effect”. Almost 50 studies have been done further confirming the benefits of mass meditation.

Therefore, by doing the Flower of Life meditation together with other people around the Earth together at the same time, we would create a laser-like focus which in turn influences the planetary quantum field. This would harmonize the energy of Earth greatly.​

Currently,  a group of dedicated meditators is doing an 11 minutes long Flower of Life meditation together every 4 hours at the exact times specified in the table below for each time zone.

You are encouraged to join us too, if you feel so guided, starting from the next upcoming time specified for your location (below), and as many times per day as you possibly can, in order to help stabilize the energy on our planet.


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