Breakthroughs in Bioenergetic Frequency Medicine


This new quantum technology can greatly assist people to clear energetic interference and blockages, bringing body, mind, and spirit into coherence. 

The Healy is a portable device that brings Frequency Bioenergetic medicine into our homes giving us control over our personal health and a way to share it with others.

Meet Marcus Schmieke – one of the inventors of the Healy – the new bioenergetic frequency device that is now selling around the world. He explains the science behind the Healy.

The Future is NOW!
Once you understand the rules of how the energy domains operate, the game of life becomes an amazing adventure of self-realization and embodiment of your highest expression of LOVE. Then you awaken to the blissfulness of connecting to the beauty of everything. Enjoy your unfolding into the higher aspects of YOU.

Learn more here about Healy – Go to our website 

Want to know more about the science: Then you may like to watch this comprehensive 1 hour webinar with a more detailed explanation of the science,  “Science Meets Spirituality – Interview with Healy Founder Marcus Schmieke  – Click here

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