Supercharge your Gut by Lee Holmes


Following on from her last life changing international best seller, Heal Your Gut, Lee Holmes has taken the personal journey of health and wellbeing to another level with Supercharge Your Gut.

Sufferers of a range of various life style and gut related issues will quickly add this book to their collection as it sets out, as do all her books, the pathway to good health by eating well and understanding your body and metabolism.

The first segment of the book is devoted to understanding what it is that could, or maybe going on inside your gut and how it is contributing to how you respond to living well.

Comprehensively presented, by the end of the first section you should have a reasonably clear idea of the wonderfully fascinating and highly complex area of your body known as the “gut’, what can be best dealt with by trial and error foods and what issues should be spoken with to your Doctor or medical professional.

Having dealt with many of these issues over the course of her youth and adult life, Lee Holmes set about finding a better pathway to improving her own health and lifestyle requirements and by doing so, created far more than she ever intended; a pathway to good, if not better health, for many who suffer from what is collectively referred to as ‘food allergies’.

She sets out, in a no frills manner, to educate, inform and advise, dividing the book into areas that cause the most concern when you have what could be considered a ‘delicate’ gut system, making the entire problem generally a lot easier to manage and understand, which is perhaps two of the most important aspect of being able to live and enjoy a happy and comfortable lifestyle.

There is an excellent plan to get you going, detailed instructions as to what and when to carry out certain things, a maintenance plan, most important if you are only going to ‘rest’ your gut several days per week, and a wonderfully comprehensive section titled Gut Revving Recipes, which are practical as well as delicious.

As with all major changes in life, they need to be worked at before they become a normal aspect of daily life, which has also been taken into consideration with the program and the foods to be consumed.

Should you consider undertaking this change in diet and lifestyle as a family member, you may be very surprised at the unexpected side benefits for the entire family.

Publisher:           Murdoch Books

ISBN:                     9781760631079



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