Hospital High by Mimi Thebo


Based on the life story of Mimi Thebo, this is a beautiful journey based in truth, and the deep and everlasting courage of the human spirit and is one all teens should read.

Coco is pretty mad: she really should be dead, but someone, some interfering someone, had decided that she was worth saving and now, well she was not too impressed. Just when she had a legitimate out from what she considered the horror of her life.

She has had a pretty rough time of it lately, with her father divorcing her mother, her mother not coping too well and then having to change from a very nice school to the local one which was full of clicky little groups that simply did not want to accept her, going out of their way to make her feel like an outsider.  Coco’s spirit had taken a bit of a battering.

Kim, the one close friend she does have, is always there for her. On that fateful day, Kim had borrowed her mother’s new car, picked Coco up from Ballet and then they stopped for ices on the way home. Problem was, on the way home Kim took a curve too fast, hitting a Cottonwood tree and catapulting the car down the bank.

And so the story begins of why Coco was in such a snit in the hospital.  Kim had hit the steering wheel, but Coco had hit the dash with her face and throat, breaking her larynx, which was not at first noticed when their friend Bobby found them wandering around on the side of the road, and took them home to Coco’s mother.

Once the dust had settled, she woke up to a world of pain, to a life that had changed totally, a life that would never, ever be the same again, having to face challenges and pain undreamed of, both medically and socially. Normal was having friends, working towards a professional career as a singer, being accepted into a strange new world of school society: that was before. Now normal was simply surviving another day, another life lesson, another acceptance.

Meeting a group of teens in hospital, some in worse condition that her, gave Coco hope of a future and serious, unconditional friendship when the going got really, really tough.

This is the story of growing up, finding and discovering true courage, learning to look below the façade to discover who your friends are really, and what, in the final wash up that comes at the end of high school, matters the most in life.

ISBN:                     9781785351877

Publisher:           Lodestone Books



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