Stairway to Nirvana


Deliciously delightful sums up Stairway to Nirvana from Samir Bodhi, a beautifully delicate work of pure pleasure that simply flows, creating a sense of Nirvana, which Bodhi and his ensemble believe is something that is needed, required in the world of today; a world where times are still very troubled, life is uncertain and the day-to-day lifestyle ever-changing.

Tranquillity establishes the elements of the work with an almost film score piece which seduces as it charms.  As the work unfolds there is a little of something for everyone encapsulated in Nirvana. Om, the melodic chant well known as a sacred and spiritual component of Eastern religion, is captured with a deep drone before the vocal accompaniment joins in to form a delicate, meditative recitation.

Absolutely the most gorgeous piece on the album is the enchanting Harmony, a mix of Eastern and Western music folding seamlessly into one, with a dainty clapping threading the various influences of jazz and solo piano together. To sink the emotions into this piece is to find true bliss!

Moving on to Peace, a vastly different, up-tempo sound is introduced with the sharper, folk flavour of vocals from Madhumita Chatterjee complimented with guitar and synth, creating a contemporary piece which holds hope and enjoyment within the melody.

Eventually the final piece Nirvana is presented to return the mere mortal to everyday life, courtesy of a wonderful blend of guitar, percussion and sarangi, to create a glorious rich tapestry of life’s journey of emotions.

Not a long album Stairway to Nirvana captivates, relaxes, requests a little reflection on a personal level, while offering a gentle peace and understanding through the healing of music. Arriving at the end of the final track, it is an absolute pleasure to push play over and over again!

Distributor                                       Samir Bodhi
Released                                          2021
Artists                                             Samir Bodhi


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