Spirit Guides by Sherry Finzer


Recorded at the Tank in Rangely, Colorado, Spirit Guides from solo flautist Sherry Finzer is a work that simply envelopes the very soul, soothing with divine love and healing that captivates, charms and relaxes.

Ambient by courtesy of the incredible sonic sounds created by the structure of the Tank, the songs flow one to another in seamless elegance, encouraging a deep sense of peace, and well-being.

Over the forty minutes of melodic notes, the mind, body and soul is offered a time to be in the moment, to do no more than to relax into the divine sound, to allow healing to commence within the deep embrace of the Divine.

When asked where the inspiration comes from when she is recording at the Tank, Finzer replied that it is channelled; it simply is there waiting to be put to tangible form. Nothing more complicated than moving into a mediative space and using her innate skills with a range of flutes is required.

Each of the ten songs can be used as a singular meditation or collectively as a longer, more introspective and healing time, allowing a personal choice for the listener. To listen to this delicate, sensual and harmonic music is to float free of earthly bounds to return refreshed and renewed.

Spirit Guides taps into the ability in us all to reach out to those who watch over us and allow our personal Spirit Guides to comfort and heal. This is a most gentle yet powerfully rich collection.

Website                                https://sherryfinzer.bandcamp.com/album/spirit-guides
Distributor                            Bandcamp/Heardance Records
Released                               March 2024
Artists                                  Sherry Finzer
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Review By Janet Mawdesley 




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