A Day on Venus by Michelle Qureshi


Having listened to A Day on Venus over several weeks, the same words keep on coming to mind for this exquisite collection; if you want to remove yourself from the everyday stress of life for a short time, what better way than to sink into this beautiful music and allow your soul to simply drift away to Venus, through the gentle, healing, and relaxing bliss of carefully layered, dreamy music.

Eighteen tracks make up this truly divine collection; none overly lengthy, each offering a different aspect of a trip to a place only those who love to float through the Cosmos can take. Certainly, no physical journey can be undertaken, other than the one of body, mind and soul to seek fresh images, rays of pleasure and enjoyment.

As with all of Michelle Qureshi’s works, there is always the much-anticipated journey through the tracks to see what she has created. With this work, she has moved around within the musical genre using electronic mediums where required to add subtle layers to the intricately composed songs.

Having only recently returned to releasing her own music, A Day on Venus has been well worth the wait, as within one beautiful collection she has offered a glimpse of her immense talent not only as a guitarist and instrumentalist but as a composer of music that heals and relaxes the soul.

Michelle Qureshi | Belonging Here | A Day On Venus

Website                           https://michellequreshi.bandcamp.com/album/a-day-on-venus
Distributor                       Bankscamp/Spotify
Released                         January 2024
Artists                             Michelle Qureshi
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Review By Janet Mawdesley


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