Speak Peace


Soothing and infinitely comforting, this beautiful melodic and slow moving collection Speak Peace has the trade mark of Rick Sparks stamped firmly on each song.

Begun well before the war in Ukraine broke out, this is a work that is in essence timely, as it was created reflect upon the element of peace with the title track Speak Peace beingboth symbolic and soothing.

The delightful Harvest Moon is dainty and gentle has been included in homage to Neil Young’s 1962 work of everlasting love; something we all strive to achieve. Still in the gentle, almost romantic mood is the 1912 Waltz, written as a tribute to his grandmother. Waltzes are by their gentle ambience pieces that transport to a place of love and gentle, treasured moments with a loved one. This lovely piece does not disappoint.

Unfolding in the Ukraine is a tragedy which has captured many composers and musician’s emotions. Prayer for Ukraine, a work which was released as a single, with all proceeds for the single donated to relief efforts in the Ukraine, offers a moment in time when we can all reflect and offer hope and prayer for a speedy end to this conflict. Beautiful and dreamy it speaks to the soul of better times ahead.

With a title as intriguing as We Will Wait Upon the King, it leads one to wonder what was the motivation behind this synth created piece.  Sparks tells that it was inspired by the biblical prophecy that Christ will one day return as King and peace will come to this so very troubled world.

The bitter sweet, Auld Lang Syne brings a reflective work which tugs at the heartstrings, full of hope, peace and harmony, to a gentle close. Symbolising traditionally the ending of one ‘year’ and the beginning of the ‘year’ ahead, this also could be considered as a song of hope, that humanity will eventually be able to enjoy new beginnings and peace on earth.

Speak Peace is a delightful, relaxing and gentle mixture of solo piano, softly composed synth pieces full of hope, delivered with a delicate Rick Sparks touch.

Website                                                    https://ricksparksmusic.net/
Distributor                                                Rick Sparks Music
Released                                                  June 2022
Artists                                                      Rick Sparks

Click here to listen https://ricksparks.hearnow.com/speak-peace

Reviewed By Janet Mawdesley 

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