Aussie Dad Shares His Secret – Reclaiming His Mojo


Glen shares his secret on how he managed to get his life back on track.

51 year old Glen Bryant, from Perth, shares his wellness journey on how he overcame chronic tiredness by living a low toxic lifestyle.

A father of two, working in construction, and big into sports, Glen had always been living an active lifestyle. From running to working out and throwing the footy around with his family, there was never really a time in his life that he didn’t do any physical exercise. Then his life changed seven years ago.

It wasn’t unusual for Glen to wake up feeling sore after a big day, exercising the day before, but over time, he found himself being increasingly tired all the time. “I often thought, I just over did it a little too much the day before, but then was noticing as the weeks wore on that I was doing less and getting tired more” he says.

What made him go seek medical advice was when Glen and his wife Kylie were renovating their house and he was digging up the garden bed. He suddenly felt very tired to the point where he couldn’t lift his head up. Deciding to take a nap, he woke up sixteen hours later. “I was pottering around in the garden and just couldn’t go on anymore. I always loved my gardening and was excited to fix up the yard as part of our reno. I knew I had to lie down and fall into a deep slumber for more than half the day!” Bryant says.

Alarmed with how tired he was getting, he decided to go see a doctor. What was supposed to be just a doctor’s visit became a five year journey that cost him $30,000, just trying to figure out what was wrong with him. Having done a series of different tests – from stress tests, ECG, sleep apnea test, hormones test – they eventually found out that his DHEA was low in the mornings which makes him completely tired by 1pm in the afternoon.

“DHEA, or Dehydroepiandrosterone,  is a hormone found in the body that helps create other hormones like testosterone and estrogen. Failure to produce this hormone can cause weakness, fatigue, lower bone density, and can progress to be life-threatening” says Glen.

After his doctor diagnosed his findings, they gave Glen synthetic DHEA which only helped him temporarily. He also received a testosterone supplement, to help produce hormones, but it only lasted for four days since the medication made him short-tempered and the side effects were too much to handle. “With the treatment that was prescribed, I became a wreck and impossible to live with. I’m amazed that Kylie was so tolerant towards me. I felt agitated all the time, very anxious and angry. I knew this wouldn’t end well!” Glen says. “I was also put on vitamin C infusions which helped ease my pain after a couple of weeks of taking it but each infusion came at a hefty price- $230 a pop. There was no way I could continue to pay for this.”

Still unsuccessful in dealing with his chronic tiredness, Glen still has to go to work to pay for his medical bills and lab tests. On top of that, he also has his two children’s private schooling, mortgage, and everyday expenses.

Struggling to work with his condition, six years later, his sister-in-law introduced Young Living’s essential oils to him. “I am a blokey bloke and was dubious about how living a low tox lifestyle could help my wellbeing, after all I felt like I had tried everything and spent a lot of money. However, deciding that I had nothing to lose, I purchased a few Young Living products and noticed that my wellbeing had improved immensely after a few weeks.”

A Breakthrough

Glen’s sister-in-law introduced him Young Living. Glen would start each day with Mineral Essence™, which is a natural liquid mineral complex, containing full-spectrum ionic minerals that are the most efficiently absorbed form of minerals available. “I simply mix this with water and drink first thing in the morning. Slowly I could feel the benefits after a few weeks on top of getting rid of anything with harsh chemicals in my home and products that I was using on my body. The company also offers an extensive range of essential oil-based products in these areas, so I started trying them all!”

Today, seven years on, Glen is now a different man to what he was nearly seven years ago. He is back kicking the football around with his kids, working full time while also doing what he loves the best – building and gardening.

“I never thought I’d be able to get my life back. It was many challenging years when you’re feeling exhausted and not knowing what to do to fix your situation. You really can’t put a price on your wellbeing.”


Glen has since visited Finca Botanica Farm in Ecuador and continues to enjoy good health and energy for life

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