IN by David Helping



Achingly beautiful IN, a concept imagined some ten years ago by David Helping, returns us all to a world of innocence, a time and a place when each small discovery was a thing to marvel at, to wonder, and to enjoy.

The innocence of a child discovering the small world that lives under a stone, the ripple of the water in a flowing stream, the small things captured in a pool waiting for the tide to turn, the magnificence of a leaf slowly changing seasonal colour, the glowing spectrum of colour surrounding the world in which we live, has been poured into an alchemist’s crucible and sensual beauty has been delivered.

Waves Dream of Breaking begins this odyssey into a world that captivates, charms, relaxes, and transports.  Do waves dream of breaking, well maybe; sitting on a beach watching the magnificence of waves forming, some making it to the shore in a hiss, a roar, a tempest of sound, water, and sand, others remaining unformed, contemplative, and dreamlike. Maybe they do?

Deep emotion is conjured forth in The Bliss You Have Always Carried courtesy of the beautiful Esraj, played to perfection by Benjy Wertheimer, as it adds its mellow and yet somnolent sound to a piece that is in a simple word, floating.

A vastly different emotion has been captured to perfection in the haunting Slipping with Miriam Stockley’s rich voice soaring and enhancing the unique quality of the resonating bass to charm, to welcome in, to intoxicate with beauty.

You Already Are is the title of a questioning piece that once again allows the dreamer to relax into the moment, to discover they already are an amalgamation of so many small, perfect things; moments, thoughts, and deeds combined to create the perfectly perfect person. Matthew Schoening adds another element, a layer of deep tranquillity, with the gentle tones of the electric cello soothing and enchanting.

A somewhat up-tempo piece Following the Lines brings with it reminiscent moments when as children and even as adults, we play the game of following the line on the pavement, to see how long we can travel its distance before falling off. Fun, laughter and joy have been gently captured with finite precision.

Drawing a fine conclusion to a captivating and flawless series with I To Am Coming Home this reflective, subtle, and almost slightly melancholic piece, gently leads to once again the beautiful vocals of Miriam Stockley which have been carefully woven throughout almost as a benediction; a blessing with which to return to the everyday world.

The melodies throughout IN are complex and yet appear to be simple, enhanced with a purity of emotion which is an absolute joy to wrap the body, mind, and soul within to return to a time when life was so much less and yet so very much more.

INperfection, bliss, meditation, and peace. It is absolutely no wonder IN was sold out in its first release.

Distributor                                Spotted Peccary
Released                                   April 2022
Artists                                        David Helpling

Review By Janet Mawdesley



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