She Can Prosper: … Empowering Women to Thrive


Diane Watson’s latest book, She Can Prosper: Unlocking financial independence and empowering women to thrive supports women to live well in their retirement years.

For more than 30 years Diane Watson has worked in the Financial Industry, building a stellar reputation as a Financial Advisor to many clients of which a number are women, who have decided for a wide and varied range of reasons, to seek guidance and advice to ensure they manage their finances well, allowing them to prosper, to build a solid foundation for the retirement years ahead.

Something she has always felt she needed to accomplish was to put this knowledge into book form to reach out further to women who need help; young women just starting out in life, women who have faced financial hardship and women, while successful in their career path want to ensure they are financially sound and independent.

In She Can Prosper, Diane shares her story and that of a number of other women who have faced a raft of financial challenges only to have, with good support and sound advice, found their way forward to prosperity.

The subjects discussed cover every aspect of managing finances to build a solid future, beginning with the definition of What Is Prosperity, which can mean vastly different things, but is the true foundation of how you really want to spend your older years, in comfort or on struggle street.

Setting age ranges, she sets goals, asks questions and prepares the way to discover ‘The Four Steps to Building Prosperity,’ then looks at the very relevant Protecting Your Property from life’s many unexpected upheavals such as divorce, illness, and death.

Relationships and money come in many coloured hues and Diane has taken the time to go through this area with considerable care. In Your Money and Your Relationships, she has added sound advice from a range of experts in their field which is vitally important in today’s world.

Business Finances are dealt with in their section in a thorough manner which looks at establishing your own business, scams, insurance, and tax issues that must be clearly understood.

One of the more fascinating sections is Creating a Prosperous Mindset which looks at the psychology of your background, childhood influences and how to reset your thinking to allow you to prosper; to develop a positive mindset for future financial planning.

Section 7, You Can Prosper looks at why you should consider working with a financial planner, where to find one and how to make sure they are well-trained professionals. This comes with a Top 10 Checklist which then leads onto Final Words which is filled with encouragement to help you embrace your journey into a sound financial future. In her words, ‘…your financial well-being in not just a goal to attain, but a path to liberation and self-discovery.’

The Resources Guide is an absolute treasure trove of information to be read, viewed, and listened to for those who want to develop a sound understanding of the world of finances.

I highly recommend She Can Prosper as a book that should be given to every young woman commencing their working life, whether it be on a career pathway or otherwise, to any woman struggling to financially survive or any woman who wants to ensure they have a secure financial future.

Author                               Diane Watson
Publisher                            Diane Watson
ISBN10                              1738421201
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Review By Janet Mawdesley





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