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Now, more than ever, we are living in an age of influencers. In years past, you had to be a well-known celebrity, politician, or leader to be considered an influencer. If you were just an average Joe, nobody paid much attention to you. The path to influence usually involved years of climbing social or political ladders. Then the internet, social media, and smartphones came along and changed everything. Now, literally, anyone can build an audience and become an influencer.

You don’t have to be famous. You don’t have to be good-looking. You don’t have to have access to the halls of power.

You just need to know how to create content that interests people.

If you are looking to expand your influence and client base blogging is a great way to create credible content and become an influencer because it allows you to share your expertise and insights in an in-depth manner.

Australia’s Holistic Directory offers its members a platform to publish blogs and have these shared in Conscious Living Magazine as well as on their social media pages and groups.  For holistic businesses and practitioners who often struggle to get noticed this is a  great way to build credibility and attract and connect with new clients seeking holistic health, spiritual growth, and environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

4 Ways to Build Your Credibility

  1. Firstly a comprehensive profile of the business or practitioner showcasing their services, courses, events, and products is displayed on the Directory website to visitors looking to find high-quality businesses with integrity and professional qualifications.
  2. Secondly, any events, courses, or special offers are featured on the Directory website and also shared with Conscious Living Magazine website visitors and e-Newsletter subscribers.  
  3. Thirdly any blogs written by businesses and practitioner members are featured on the Directory website and shared on the Conscious Living Magazine website.
  4. Fourthly blogs written by Directory Members are automatically shared on social media pages and groups around Australia reaching over 50,000 people.

There are many more ways to build an authoritative reputation as an influencer in a particular field and there has never been a more important time than now to share trustworthy holistic approaches to health and lifestyle.

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