Serenity II Artist: Michael Kollwitz


The Presence introduces Serenity II, the follow-up album to Kollwitz 2017 release Serenity, presenting nothing more complex than a pure, velvety beauty to be enjoyed, absorbed, relished and adored.

This may seem to be a little gushy but truly, Kollwitz and his beloved Chapman Stick create nothing more than an absolute, sensuous beauty reminiscent of warm tropical nights, lazy days of summer when the evening is falling and softness fills the atmosphere, the warmth of a cold winter’s night curled up in front of a log fire.

His music takes you where you will wander in your mind and emotions, bringing with it peace and relaxation. Each of the tracks flows gently across the musical spectrum of this incredibly unusual instrument, which over the many years its use can be found in the bands such as pro-rock groups King Crimson, Liquid Tension Experiment (LTE),Pink Floyd, Stick Men and the likes.

Therefor it is an absolute delight to hear it in its own space, own element, played by Kollwitz who took more than 10 years, studying with the master Emmett Chapman,  to perfect this uncommon instrument.

To select any one of the tracks is almost doing an injustice to the rest, as they are all equally as delightful, with no one in particular being more so than any other.  The music simply wraps around the psyche and the soul which is perfect for those days when life just seems to be a little bit too frenetic and some time out is required. As he lives in Sedona, the timeless beauty of this desert region is also reflected in the unhurried and majestic nature of the compositions.

Reading through the titles of the tracks it is easy to understand the inspiration Kollwitz finds in the ‘Steps to Knowledge – The Book of Inner Knowing ‘ by Marshal Vian Summers with the opening composition titled The Presence, followed by Wrapped in Love, and further down the list Blue Skies, One With Nature, and the slightly mystical number Shaman’s Cave.

Breaking Free allows the reflection of what could be Beyond the Clouds: sunshine, joy, fresh perspectives, all of which gently leads to the Way of Knowledge making this a perfect ending to an absolutely delicious smorgasbord of serenity and listening indulgence.

 Am I a fan of the Chapman Stick and Michael Kollwitz, Yes most definitely!

The album could easily be considered as gloriously, uniquely, gorgeous!

Here is a track from the album.

Title:     Serenity II
Artist:   Michael Kollwitz

Reviewed by Jan Mawdesley from

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