Aura Photography


Many believe we are born with the gift of aura vision but, as with any skill, if it is not developed we lose the ability to use it. Perhaps the very young should be encouraged to expand this talent before it is lost to them as they begin to enter our busy logical world.

Throughout the ages there have been “Aura Visual” people, those able to see the colourful bands of energy surrounding us. Often in the past these people were scorned and persecuted, whereas today their gifts are more understood.

Research and experiments were started around the beginning of the 20th century on how to capture our aura on film. Through constant development and modern technology, we are now able to see the colours of our aura.

At Alpha Nexus we provide aura photography with intuitive interpretation.

We are available for aura parties, development groups, new age shops, fairs, expos, meditation groups and healing groups. Email for phone Tony for more information.

Alpha Nexus  – Contact Tony Marsh   Phone: (08) 9249 5419  Mob 0407 429 402   Email: [email protected] Tony will be at the Conscious Living Expo in Booth 3

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