Secrets of the Sea by Artist Greg Maroney


Drawing inspiration from the sea Greg Maroney has delivered in his trademark style, his first recording of 2019, a solo piano album Secrets of the Sea, in which he has to some degree experimented with his beautiful Steinway D concert grand piano, to see what other effects he could create to make the finished produced sound like he was performing on a stage in a large concert hall.

As a talented and multi album musician, his exploration of ambient music has seen a completely different aspect of this his work unfold, with a softer, far more gentle approach being woven throughout his compositions. Having worked with flautist Sherry Finzer on several diverse works throughout 2018, the title track and introduction Secrets of the Sea contains much of this gentle diversion within a classical framework.

As a metaphor the sea presents so many different emotions; from a rough and stormy majesty to the calm tranquillity to be found on very special days, the brooding greys of a rainy day, to the dancing, teasing nature of the choppy waves sparkling in the sunlight, as will this work resonate with the listener.

Reverence is a reflective, almost hesitant piece, softly played with deep emotion which reaches out to gently sooth and refresh. Distant Shores beckons offering tempting scenery just over the sea, there but still undiscovered, a wishful desire to explore makes this composition very evocative.

But When the Clock Strikes Nine it is time to move on, refreshed and relaxed to enjoy A Thousand Miles; a peaceful, soft and subtle song that simply floats, drifting gently along. Rippling Waters is the perfect musical incarnation of the lovely ripple effect created when the breeze blows gently over the water, a stone or object dropped into the water, the gentle ripples spreading out further and further before returning to a previous stillness.

Standing in awe of the perfect colours of nature has been captured in Emerald Lake, a piece full of mystery and admiration, which if allowed will take the mind to a place seen before, the vibrant and pure colours of the waters admired and adored for that special moment in time.

Guiding you on your way, or bringing you safely home, is the lovely piece The Lighthouse which is the quintessential piece to draw to a close, an album that has achieved Maroney’s goal when creating music, that of ‘speaking to the heart and soul of his listenes’s.

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Title:     Secrets of the Sea
Artist:   Greg Maroney

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