Delicate and mellow the beautiful FLOW of music from Maji is perfect for drifting and dreaming. To relax and listen to the subtle combination of guitar and synthesiser is a treat. Moving gently, the work does as the title infers, flow gently across the spectrum, creating a sumptuous mood that is simply in a word, bliss.  And that is only on the first track, naturally titled Flow.

Ushered in with delicate synth is Dreams, a slow, contemplative piece that somehow transports you to a gentle summer’s evening, being totally immersed into the moment of time when dreams are allowed. Followed by Let Go, a measured, almost spacey, evocative piece, the music has created a gentle and tranquil space that reaches deep, teasing the imagination.

Hope is simply a sumptuous piece that floats on the ether, wordless vocals with the gentle sound of water flowing enhances the classic guitar work. Simply gorgeous. Kalula is piano driven, synth backed and once again a piece that entices the mind to simply float, relax and do nothing more than enjoy the moment.

Ramping up the pace a little or a lot, depending on where you are at by track six, is the totally different Believe with the vocals of Sarah Martinico, threading throughout the rich scope of the song; Orchestral and very interesting compared to the previous track, the influence of songstress Enya is apparent throughout the entire song.

Bringing the work to a close is the very different Karuka, all synth with none of the distinctive guitar work in the previous tracks, the song is interesting. Almost a monotone of sound, the piece at first seems to be jarring but as the track progresses the rhythm becomes familiar, comfortable, with some very subtle undertones.

But who is the magician that has created this gentle, relaxing and healing music. David Paul Stevens, otherwise noted for his pulsating rhythms and jazz beats has, like many others taken the time of COVID to explore other forms of music and created a beautiful, floating space that enchants as it relaxes and soothes.

Flow is six tracks offered to create the perfect space for dreaming, indulging in the moment where nothing else matters other than the time, the place and the music.


Artist: Maji

Distributor: Heartdance Recordings


Reviewer: Janet Mawdesley Blue Wolf Reviews https://bluewolf-reviews.com/

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