Sacred Gift – Nader Vasseghi


‘Music is the language of the soul, the bridge between the world of material and ethereal, a universal tool to create beauty on earth. And beauty points the attention to the source’.

These words are the key to Sacred Gift, the debut album from energy medicine practitioner, musician and businessman Nader Vasseghi, as he offers an ethereal and deeply spiritual healing vibration to touch the soul.

Based loosely around the ancient and yet modern still very relevant poetry of the great masters Rumi and Hafiz, Persian poets of great note, both in their time and modern day, his work contains much of the mystique of the days when the poets were considered as a great men, their words much awaited, remembered, revered and studied. Performed on a range of instruments the blend is delightfully refreshing, as well as deeply spiritual.

Fragments of a Dream, formed from the inspiration that came to Vasseghi in a dream, fragments captured here and there, originally played on the on the piano, eventually to be formed into a piece featuring the divine vocals of Silvia Nakkach and skilful performance of Hans Christian on bow and cello, make this the centrepiece of the collection.

The first section if you like, features a slower, more mystical tempo that seduces and relaxes, whereas the second section is slightly more traditional in intent, featuring piano, ‘cello and viola; a lighter happier and freer vibe being captured and offered for enjoyment.

Sacred Gift is gentle, catchy and as with all things based in ancient times, mysterious, teasing and intriguing whereas Dance of Waves bounces along, alive and full of life, capturing the light dancing of the ever moving sea, to form patterns of timeless fragmentation.

First Creek begins the work with a deep brooding and entrancing sound, Flow completes the cycle with once again a mediative piece full of gentle beauty.

Distributor                             Nader Vasseghi
Artists                                   Nader Vasseghi


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