Numerology (In Focus) Your Personal Guide


Numbers are fascinating as they can tell you so much more than your age, bank balance or amounts; they can also predict destiny, your destiny, someone else’s destiny, can also be used to divine a  hopefully good fortune, and have been used in this manner leading back to ancient times.

Numerology is a fascinating technique which once understood, even if only a little, becomes almost addictive as it is simple to do requiring the use of a paper and pencil, a starting point with a name or similar, and completing a simple addition sum; nothing too it, but the end result is interestingly often 100% accurate.

Sasha Fenton has been a practitioner of the psychic arts for many years becoming a professional astrologer, palmist and Tarot card reader in 1974, before she began her career writing books mainly on mind, body and spirit, which as the chapters unfold becomes clearly apparent that she has a serious and in-depth knowledge of her craft.

Beginning with a brief history of Numerology she moves into the basic numbers, the important numbers and the two most commonly used aspects, the Destiny Number and Life Path Number.

As with many interesting and intriguing subjects that come under the heading of occult, Numerology can be simple and easy to use to discover the meaning of your name, or your destiny, but once the first level is covered there is so much more to be discovered, which if carefully read and understood is utterly fascinating.

Simple astrology can be added and used to cast a more comprehensive reading as explained in Hourly Readings, and when discovering the List of Fates system, which is said to go back to Pythagoras with others sure they go back to Moses and the exodus out of Egypt, which is based on the letters of the alphabet further information comes to light which once you have done your numbers could be considered as pretty close to the facts.

Numerology as already said can easily become addictive, therefor it is recommended to ensure common sense does prevail when enjoying the discovery of numbers and their hidden meanings.

Author                                  Sasha Fenton
Publisher                              Quarto US Imprint: Wellfleet
ISBN                                    9781577151999


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