The Crystal Directory 100 Crystals for Positive Manifestation


For many years, century’s actually, Crystals have been a geological formation that have been revered, abused, treasured, used for their magical properties to heal, to manifest, to adorn or simply to create a beautiful something to bring pleasure and joy.

As the millennium has progressed, the true ability of these wonderful formations known as Crystals have been explored to better understand their properties, with many books being written and researched now on the market.

The Crystal Directory – 100 Crystal’s for positive manifestation in many ways singles out the uses for crystals that many seek to use for manifestation, healing and their health-giving properties. In this beautifully presented book, Section 1 Basic Crystals sets out clearly the importance of understanding how to use Crystals, their types, shapes, formation, colour and history which should be considered as essential reading, particularly if you are just beginning to understand and work with these beautiful and enriching stones.

Manifestation Basics begins Section 2 offering a step by step guide to working with stones, which is considerably more complex than is first thought as manifestation, regardless of how you are going about it, is best to understand comprehensively before beginning the journey. Clearly laid out each area is comprehensive and should be considered as basic training as the seven steps required are well explained, and need to be clearly understood.

Set out once again in an easy to use, well presented dictionary style is Crystal Sourcebook or Section 3, which is further divided into crystals for abundance and good fortune, success, well-being, love and more forming a section that is incredibly helpful when searching for the right crystal to use for manifestation, protection or well-being.

Overall, The Crystal Directory – 100 Crystal’s for positive manifestation is a well-constructed, beautifully presented  book that will guide the newcomer, enrich the casual users knowledge base, as well as help understand better the true power of Crystals and the positive effect they can have on everyday life.

Author                 Sarah Bartlett
Publisher             Quarto US Imprint: Chartwell Crestline
ISBN                    9780785838289


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