Mountains Made of Shadow by Dan Kennedy


Simply made to sit down and enjoy, this album from Dan Kennedy is beautiful from beginning to end.

In this collection he has focused on the simple pleasures of life such as a chilly morning, wintergreen, wildflowers and thankfulness, naming the songs after so much that goes to make up the quintessential essence of life and living.

Delicate and pure the notes of this solo piano album reach out to offer a musical form of poetry which is rich in its intricacy of sound. Each of the tracks has a specific style allowing them to be stand-alone pieces and yet, like a good volume of poetry combining to present the overall ethos of the composer.

Chilly Morning introduces the songs with a beguiling melody that captures the imagination immediately, embracing that fresh new look of the earth at a time like no other in its pure and perfect moment.  An intriguing piece is Backstory, a little more sombre and measured than the previous pieces, reflective of times lived and the tapestry of life. Ennio is another piece which changes the reflective mood yet again with an almost hesitant series of notes played, followed by a light, airy dancing series of chords to lift the heart and soothe the soul.

Regardless of how or when you choose to listen to this music or what tracks resonate, as is the case with all music, this is one album which will hold its appeal for many years, as the pure simplicity captured is timeless. To complement the album a wonderful digipak has been designed presenting quotes from such people as Emily Dickenson, Sappho and Leonard Cohen which fit perfectly with the simply perfect images on the cover design.

For those who enjoy their music via the internet, Kennedy has created a marvellous video of Backstory which shows the master creating poetry at the keyboard, with some glorious images captured to make the track one that will certainly become unforgettable.

Pure, delicate and beautiful this fourth album from Dan Kennedy is perfection plus!

Title:     Mountains Made of Shadows
Artist:   Dan Kennedy


by Jan Mawdesley

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