Metal Mermaid: by Kez Wickham St George


Metal Mermaid is a great read that delves into the nomadic realms of the traveller. The narrative explore the rich connections that are made with people met along the way, who become part of the adventure.  You are given a glimpse of some wonderful holiday destinations in Western Australia and New Zealand, and meet many vibrant and colourful characters along the way.

The Metal Mermaid takes you on a journey with Tara and her husband Russ. They set out to fulfill a long-held dream to travel in a caravan to see the Australian outback. The journey takes you through the South-West of Western Australia and then up through the Yilgarn, Murchison and Pilbara country. As the story unfolds you meet fellow travellers, the characters of the outback and rural Australia, and you feel immediately connected and included in the adventure.   

An unexpected turn of events shatters the dream and the narrative takes Tara in a new direction, a journey of self-discovery and healing, facing and working through deep grief and awkward family relationships, that test her resolve, ethics and character.  As the Metal Mermaid travels New Zealand, you discover the richness of the culture and forged friendships and how synchronistic happenings can change everything.

Author, Kez Wickham St George captures a unique insight into the nature of people and relationships, through developing the magic of touring in a caravan. She takes her reader  to majestic and awe-inspiring tourist destinations along the way.

Title:              Metal Mermaid
Author:          Kez Wickham St George
ISBN              0648820335
Publisher:      Karen MC Dermott  

Reviewed by Jacquie Walker 
Conscious Living Editor

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