Karmic Dreams by Michael Whalen and Blue Monk


For all of the downside attached to the devastation that is the Corona virus, the other side of the darkness is beauty, rich and magnificent; ethereal and majestic, peaceful and meditative. Facing his own personal battle with all-be-it a mild dose of Covid-19, Michael Whalen was compelled to create his second album of 2020. Karmic Dream, a collaborative work with Rasaul, known also as Blue Monk, based in Malaysia, is the result of this time spent in isolation in New York, with both musicians combining their skills through modern technology.

Blue Monks’ immense talent with the flutes enchants the electronic ambiance created by Whalen as they draw forth from the very essence of an almost Zen like existence, a rare and beautiful meditation album that is elegant, purposeful and transformational.

In a plethora of electronic based meditation works that have been born throughout the year 2020 as people struggle to come to terms with the new reality, with musicians offering the solace of music to bring relaxation and a sense of peace to many, Karmic Dreams stands very, very tall, as there is a subliminal feeling of vulnerability underlying the compositions which offers a reminder that our time on this earth is all too short; a precious gift that should be treasured.

The Secret Garden welcomes you into a world that is unexpected, as it is when you enter your secret garden, a place of timeless enchantment; flute, bells and gongs dance within the boundaries of the electronic medium, creating a fascinating, surreal piece that is a fitting match for the title.

And so the journey has begun into a wondrous place only you can visit via The Way of the Samurai, to feast the senses on Cherry Blossom Heart, a piece as delicate as the title infers. Moonscape leads into The Trance, a subtle and gentle piece morphing into Boundless Love a haunting, ethereal blessing before ushering in the final melody.

 Karmic Dream, the final track on this absolutely divine work is sublime, powerful; a musical essay into spirituality and creativity even in time of crisis. Out of the darkness comes true beauty; out of change come fresh frontiers, out of closures come new beginnings, all of which can be discovered hidden within the secret garden you are bid to enter in Karmic Dreams – exceptional.

Artist: Michael Whalen and BlueMonk
Website: https://www.michaelwhalen.com/
Distributer Michael Whalen

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