Memories of Water and Light by Scott Cossu


The music of Scott Cossu fails to fit into any one specific category and so to that end, his works fits squarely to into what could be considered as Orphan Music or music that is fresh, vibrant and is absolutely and without doubt outside standard definitions.

This is underpinned once again with his latest album Memories of Water and Light, dedicated to growing older, to appreciating as never before the healing powers of water and light in life.  Throughout the collection there is a little bit of many styles of music, all drawn from his very eclectic musical background, a background built on an absolute love of music.

With reviewing it is typical to attempt to describe several of the pieces as stand-alone tracks. On Memories of Water and Light to attempt to do this would be nothing short of madness, as each of the pieces is an amazing and wonderful blend of melodies, created from the sensitive blending of Cossu on piano, Holly Reeves on ‘cello and long-time friend and guitarist Van Manakas on guitar, flowing seamlessly, creating an appealing diversity.

Early studies in the field of Ethnomusicology saw Cossu develop his individual style of world music, blending his love of Jazz and Classical music with Andean, African and Asian influences, which still holds true in this latest series of compositions.

Several of the pieces were written for a specific purpose; the romantic Wedding Lanterns was created for his beloved daughters’ marriage. Ascending Angles, as the titles infers, is in memory of the many musicians and friends who have passed over recent years. Cerulean Eyes is for his life partner and wife Debbi.

Ten tracks, ten gems and ten glorious pieces that offer something new and fresh filled with love, joy, hope, peace and reflection exquisitely presented each time Memories of Water and Light is enjoyed.

Title:     Memories of Water and Light
Artist:   Scott Cossu

Jan Mawdesley – review editor  & conscious living magazine
email: [email protected]

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