Little Red Boat by Mary Lydia Ryan


Inspired by a painting of a little red boat sitting jauntily on the water, Mary Lydia Ryan has composed an album of gentle and immensely beautiful solo piano music, Little Red Boat in homage to artist Steve Jensen and life’s journey.

As Mary Lydia Ryan stood and admired his work, she felt the ‘music rising up’, offering her a fresh new musical journey, one that she has taken using her life journey and the boat as a metaphor.

Simply reading the titles of the tracks brings a lift to the heart and soul, as you are encouraged to set out in your own ‘little red boat’ and enjoy a journey of sun filled days, dark stormy times and the magic and wonder to be discovered as the journey unfolds.

Her music, like the art work has many layers, commencing with the delightful and most enjoyable piece Little Red Boat, which takes you aboard your little red boat, obviously in the evening as the following track Woman in the Moon is a soft, gentle piece reminiscent of the gentle sound of water floating, swirling, drifting along. There is nothing as gentle as water, moonlight and the mystical atmosphere for soothing the soul which is captured perfectly in this song.

How Did I end Up Here is a question often asked on life’s journey, a sentiment perfectly capture in the track as it is a little more definite and directional; a little stronger and determined. It is easy to understand questions asked are often simply that, but when there is a chance of Gentle Sunshine, offering comfort and solace followed by a Waltz Under The Sun (Kevin’s Song) which is a gloriously light song bringing with it a smile and a happy heart, somehow the world is put back on an even keel, once again.

A Song About Sea Turtles captures the beauty, as you look over the side of your little red boat, watching in aw the majesty of these creatures as they move slowly and fluidly through the clear blue seas, timeless and perfect.

 Slowly drawing the journey to a close is the thoughtful song Ocean of My Soul, a piece that encapsulates flawlessly the very essence of life, the feeling of renewal once a journey on the ocean or river is complete; an immense feeling of peace, relaxation and gratitude for the gift that has been given, the experiences offered and the blessing bestowed.

Take your own little red boat for a 43-minute journey and enjoy a short moment in time to simply be enchanted.

Album Little Red Boat
Artist:   Mary Lydia Ryan

Reviewed by Jan Mawdesley from Bluewolf Reviews

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