Lemurian Crystals Balance Atlantis Influences


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By Adam Barralet, author of Crystal Connections

The lost lands of ancient Atlantis are familiar to most. This civilisation was renowned for its advanced understandings of a wide range of sciences. In contrast, the earlier civilisation of Lemuria lived in harmony with nature.

Atlanteans used crystals on mass for generating energy and healing. They understood astrology as well as the cycles of the Earth and other planets, and could manipulate the pull of these energies to their advantage.


Atlantis elite explored technology that altered individuals’ DNA in their attempt to make superior changes, which led to the birth of beings such as centaurs and mermaids.

However, in the end their great intellect and advanced sciences began to excite the imaginations of those known as the priesthood, who were in power in Atlantis. Greed became a motivating factor as they fed off the power they had in their hands. The elite began to exploit others living within Atlantis and the planet which supported them. Eventually they tipped the balance of the planet too far and Mother Earth had no choice but to assert her power to again bring harmony to the planet, and Atlantis was returned to the watery womb of the Great Mother.

There is another great civilisation known to have graced our planet before the Atlanteans, the Lemurians.

Lemuria was a massive land mass that stretched around the Southern Hemisphere. It reached to Madagascar and Africa in the west, parts of Asia and Hawaii in the North, South American in the east, and encompassed Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. The Lemurians were highly empathetic and this allowed them to develop strong relationships with the plants, animals and crystals upon their lands. They nurtured these relationships and in return nature guided them to find powerful ways to heal and grow.

Lemurians became caretakers of the Earth and lived a very natural life in harmony with its cycles. They ate raw and fresh plants and seafoods, healed with crystals, and celebrated lunar and solar cycles. Lemurians lived in a peaceful and highly developed spiritual culture that strongly valued each member in their tribe and community.

Although the civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria were advanced, they had some key differences. Lemurians loved nature, understanding and revering her perfection, while Atlanteans used their knowledge to explore how to take nature and make her more perfect by shifting energy streams and altering genetics. While the Lemurians allowed the cycles of nature to dictate their way of living, the Atlanteans worked to dictate and control the cycles of nature.

Lemurians valued family, community and group success, and understood that everyone had their individual gift that contributed to the whole. In contrast, Atlanteans became obsessed with individual success, even if it was detrimental to others. They developed hierarchies in which some where seen as more important than others, and those who were ‘less important’ started to lose their basic rights. Those who no longer had rights became used as scientific ‘guinea pigs’ by the powerful.


This brings us to the state of today’s modern world. When we look at the dominant powers, Northern Hemisphere countries such as the United States spring to mind. Underpinning these influences are strongly Atlantean values such as success of the individual and a drive to compete and outsmart others.

The deeper you hunt for similarities the more emerge. Just think about the emergence of GMO foods, fluoride in water and chem-trails. Again, one of our planet’s biggest threats is climate change resulting from human exploitation of nature, rather than working in harmony with her.

Scientists are warning the most powerful and influential leaders of the world of the imminent climatic catastrophes being caused by their actions. But is greed distorting these leaders’ perceptions? Are we heading towards the same destiny as Atlantis? Will history repeat itself?


Meanwhile, the Lemurian energy still exists and can be found in essence in many Southern Hemisphere cultures.

Think about many South American, southern African and south east Asian cultures. You can still see a deeper value of nature inherent in these cultures as well as a high value on the family unit and community. Even those who have migrated to countries such as Australia have adopted these values. Simply consider the importance of ‘mateship’ and the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ to Aussies.

The time has now come for those who hold wisdom and teachings of Lemuria to step forward and share. Those living in the Southern Hemisphere must realign to the teachings of their own land and its indigenous people, rather than teachings inherited and adopted from the North.

There are many tools that nature is subtly gifting us to help with this realignment, from Lemurian Seed Crystals to unique Jaspers, Quantum Quattro to Super Quartzes. Even Western Australia’s own Mookaite is an invaluable tool. If you are able to start working with crystals found from the lands of the south, the lessons, wisdoms and focus will bless your life and all those you touch.

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