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Kez Wickham St George

An International Author, creative Artist, Speaker and Mentor, Kez is celebrating life with her first solo exhibition, Hidden Faces. 

Kez is an abstract artist with a broad and flexible technique developed over many years working with mixed media. She studied Art and Art History at the University of Auckland, and moved to Rockingham in 2004. Kez often uses motifs from the South Pacific Islands and acrylics, recycled paper, pastels, and liquid glass to create unique pieces on large canvases, wood & other solid-based materials.

Her art work has been displayed nationally and internationally and has recently been described by an art critic as, ‘A progressive, interactive collection.  Placing herself on many walls globally by using her skills in the arts she is passionate about.’

After co exhibiting for many years with well-known local and international acclaimed artists, Kez said, ‘It was time to go it alone. I know this particular exhibition’s work is unique and unusual.’  One well known art critic saying that, her work displayed her magical multicultural childhood background that she had transferred to the canvas.

Her collections have been featured in solo and group exhibitions across Western Australia. Several of her creations hang in private residences overseas, including in South Africa, England, New Zealand, Fiji and Australia.

Kez also has a passion for wearable arts. Her art often wanders into the realm of the mysterious.  She is an Ambassador for Wearable Arts and has been involved for 5 years and is their Floral artist for all presentations held in Mandurah.

2017 has been a very busy year for Kez, with two books about to be published.  The first one is a kiddie’s book called Sea Pea, published July 2017; this was written as she travelled past Aripaha on the East coast of New Zealand.  The seaweed picker’s huts mesmerised her, as did their lifestyle and stories.  The other is an adult paranormal novel, The Indigo Child, which is being published in late September 2017 This novel totally fascinated Kez as she began the story about tribal transgender; late nights, research and talking with others about this topic, opened a whole new world for her.

Nature has a strong pull for Kez, and her first children’s book, Sea Pea, revolves around the seaweed pickers of Aripaha on the East coast of New Zealand (Northland, by the north cape). The area also inspired her second full adult novel, Metal Mermaid.

“Earth, flora and fauna; they are my focus in life,” Kez said. “This is why the seaweed pickers have captivated me.

“They take nothing: they only use what is delivered to them from their environment, land or sea. They build their dwellings from washed up timber, for instance.” Adding them into her second full novel Metal Mermaid, Kez realised what a fabulous children’s story it would make. Sea Pea was born.


Kez will be launching her new book Indigo Child at 2017 Conscious Living Expo November 3-5 

The second novel in a trilogy called Scribe, The Indigo Child is an adult paranormal novel about a tribal transgender. It follows the story of Sorcha, a young herbalist.

Describing Sorcha, Kez said: “The story is about an 18th Century herbalist, a young hunchback woman named Sorcha, who found a way to safely deal with breach birth. It involves a royal family and came about because I am fascinated by herbalism.”

An ongoing interest inherited from her Mum, in herbalism and aromatherapy; two of nature’s gifts, began years ago, when Kez ‘dipped her toe’ into these subjects, and gained an aromatherapy diploma.

Kez believes it is a privilege to guide people on an experience they can call their very own, which can often be healing, or a journey of deep discovery.

In WA’s south west, at the Balingup Telling Tales, a children’s festival, Kez is the resident ghost writer, teaching children how to be creative when writing their own ghost stories.

Kez has been published internationally with six novels; she has been published in a United Kingdom poetry novelette, called Tall & Short stories, a UK based Amazon fund-raiser for the Heart Cancer society.


Her passion for mentorship for all writers, playwrights and artists is close to her heart.

Putting it simply, Kez said: “I struggled in my earlier years about how to set about doing what I wanted to do, so to pass on useful information to those struggling or wondering what to do next is a privilege. To help another grow with their passion is a legacy I’m keen to share.’

While travelling some time ago, Kez met her first mentee, together they produced a children’s book. When the young author showed her the published product, Kez knew she could guide others. Since then there have been those that have gone public and others who kept their stories for their families.

Two of Kez’s most recent mentees are a 77-year-old who wrote about his family history, and a Perth family, one of whom is a playwright.

“It’s a busy life, but I love it,” Kez said. “If just one of my art pieces, novels or a little advice in the creative field can help, or take you back to the mystery and magic of childhood, or can twitch a smile into place, then my job is done.”

Kez Wickham St George

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