The Reality of your greatness – a personal journey through the Twelve Rays


One of the most profound statements amongst the many that make up The Reality of Your Greatness by Michael G. Love is ‘Many of us are not comfortable with change. It seems quite a paradox that many of us strive to maintain the status quo when everything around us is really in a state of change.’
This is so very true, and perhaps more so as the pressures of modern life continue to build, with the very real pressure to conform to the status quo stronger than ever. In his ground-breaking book into change, Michael G. Love offers a wonderful, gentle and blessed pathway to, as he calls it, turning into teenagers, which is based in a spirituality that is considered as the basis of humankind.
Love considers it is time for transformation in a spiritual perspective in ‘this dimension’ as there are so very many, tired of being told what their beliefs and spirituality should be, who are seeking out their own pathways to a relationship with an entity known by many names, the most a familiar being God, the Creator, or in his case, All That Is.
Michael Love’s personal story with the Twelve Rays of Enlightenment began in 2005, when he and ‘Julie’ began channelling a small group of entities who desired to discourse with humans, forwarding their knowledge on through a trusted source, a source which began to understand the role required, which was offered and been allowed the opportunity of being able to develop further understanding to becoming true individuals.
As the channelling progressed, it became apparent the knowledge being passed down was of vital importance to growth and a method of sharing evolved; the result is this wonderful course to freedom of mind, body and spirit.
Presented as Twelve Rays, which are then divided into three sections, The Rays of Aspect, consists of the energy from the Source, the second Rays of Attributes represents our human characteristics, the third, Rays of Soul Integration help in moving forward to the evolution of Spirit.
As Love works with “The Team” they advised him that the work was also, or could be heard as notes, which led his to collaboration with long-time friend Richard Schulman, a noted musician with a wonderful ability to create a personal music soul portrait. Schulman transposed the verbal message into a divine collection of music A New Awareness: Music of the Twelve Rays to enhance the material offered in word format.
Consider each of the Rays as a guided divine meditation; stop, feel, listen and discuss each component as you move through the workbook as is suggested, embrace change as you rediscover, with love and guidance, the divinity that is inside you, the beautiful person that is YOU.

Title: The Reality of your greatness – a personal journey through the Twelve Rays
Author: Michael G. Love
IBNS: 9781943070343
Publisher: Spark Publication

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