Ganbatte!: The Japanese Art of Always Moving Forward


Ganbatte is a Japanese word that means “Do your best, keep going and never give up!” It is a concept imbued in the Japanese culture, and a word used for personal pledges and national crises. The intent of the word is to engender a sense of peace in a person. Knowing they have done their best in a situation brings acceptance of outcomes.

It’s a fine thing to discover such an empowering book set out in this way. The size of the book, and the fifty short and gentle chapters make it easy to read. The wisdom contained in each chapter means the reader can choose a particular topic or read through the chapters. Each chapter is short but makes a salient point.

In one chapter we are asked to consider the difference between Difficult and Impossible. A short story reveals that given time and perseverance we can achieve what at first seems impossible. With thoughtfulness and mindfulness, the outcome will give us a sense of fulfilment. The acceptance with which we view the outcome will guarantee peace.

There is another chapter which deals with the saying, ‘A rolling stone gathers no moss’. This is intended to encourage us to keep moving through life and never allow feelings of stagnation. To pause and rest for a while before moving on gives us time to plan.

Addressing a large and diverse range of topics, the Albert Lieberman’s underlying theme is to stop and consider all possibilities before you choose a course of action. When you have done that, act with your heart, mind and body. This beautiful book, Ganbatte, with its stories, interesting art and gentle humour is one to keep.

Author                                 Albert Liebermann, foreword by Hector Garcia
Publisher                             Tuttle Publishing
ISBN                                   9784805316542
Distributor                           New South Books
Released                             September 2021

Review By Grasshopper2 

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