The Grand Piano Spa – Darlele Koldenhoven


As with so much music born in 2020 as the result of the isolation required during the COVID pandemic, there is something rare and special captured within the pieces. The Grand Piano Spa from Darlene Koldenhoven is one such album born of separation from the work she loved, the isolation required for months during the height of the pandemic, the seeking for expression resulting in timeless pieces created and captured.

Wafting gently the notes float on the air, filling the silent spaces with a softness that enchants and relaxes, timeless in the beauty created through the healing enchantment of music. Wisteria begins the journey, subtle and elegant in portrayal, flitting here and there bringing with it the flamboyant beauty of the plant in full flower; a treat for the eyes and soul.

Delphi’s Dream is once again delicate, flowing and soothing with a slightly melancholic air that is measured, careful and cautious, as if allowing time to dream of a different future is almost too tempting to consider.

Further through the collection is the interesting Soliloquy which if translated literally, is the ‘art’ of conversing with self, which each person is guilty of at some time or often, in their lives. Sombre, fascinating in the contradiction and yet delicate in the delivery, this song allows freedom to think, to speak, to ponder on things to come, to make sense of the world of now, and not tomorrow.

Simple Life is a piece that encourages the gentle swaying of the body to the melody; listen and try not to and see what happens. Simple melody with a lovely upbeat of hope and joy, of fresh fields and sunlight are laced throughout the notes crafting a happy, cheerful piece full of gentle life.

Koldenhoven is perhaps far better known for her exquisite vocals rather than prowess on the piano, which makes this collection of relaxing and delightful piano solos something rather special: the perfect spa treatment for the mind and soul.

Distributor                                      Darlene Koldenhoven
Released                                         May 2021
Artists                                            Darlele Koldenhoven

Review By Janet Mawdesley 

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