Frequency Technologies and Your Health


Bio-Individuality, a revolution for your health.

A young woman slumps into her bed exhausted after another long day, research, meetings, the never ending string of medical appointments, blood tests, biopsies and trial medications or herbs, allopathic or naturopathic …how does the suffering end, when does it finish, the real question, when does a life of ease begin?

How many are suffering this way?

There is a revolution, health your way, every one of us is a completely unique bio individual complex field of frequencies.

Every thing in our universe has a frequency.

What if we take a completely new perspective, what if we can find the cause of suffering through our frequency, yes the key to your reality is in your frequency.

The current world population as of May 2018 is 7.6 billion, this means we have 7.6 billion people with completely unique frequencies, every one of us is complex, is there one way that can bring health and joy to reduce suffering? There are as many ways as there are frequencies.

Creating a New Perspective: Bridging the Science with Natural Laws 

Frequency technologies are bridging science with natural laws creating a new perspective, one where suffering, disease and complex emotional blockages can be eliminated with ease.

Every disease, emotion, spoken word, healing modality has a  Frequency

Every disease, emotion, spoken word, healing modality whether allopathic, integrative or alternative has a frequency, what is your frequency? What frequency is stored within your body?

New technologies available from leading scientists world wide are here now to support and assist, Russian technology developed by the Russian Space program, German, Swiss and Japanese technologies are leading the way to allowing each one of us to walk our way to a joy filled life.

One new technology changing the world and making a great impact on health is the PowerTube®, invented by Swiss electrical engineer, scientist and professional musician Martin Frischknecht.

Martin believes that his device should awaken people to an understanding that health is as vital as harmony and peace.

Martin recognises the links between the PowerTube® and the laws of nature, in his book Frequency he reveals the mathematical laws that underpin the therapy device.

“There are no incurable diseases; every disease can be cured. The question is HOW?” says Martin Frischknecht “Never give up hope. Without hope you are hopelessly lost. Listen more to your heart than your mind.”

The PowerTube® is represented in Australia and Canada by Frequency Academy, founder and CEO Tatiana Savery created the education centre to bring awareness and knowledge to both health practitioners and the general public about what is the cause of suffering, supporting you to find the cause, and engage other ways to find solutions.

Frequency Academy offers intensive programs for learning and understanding these new technologies in line with natural laws, along with providing tools based in ancient healing modalities and Chinese philosophies that each attendee can implement themselves to create more ease within their bodies.

How does this change your life? With more ease and less suffering the possibility opens for healthier lifestyle, healthier relationships, a more fulfilling life, with more joy and health brings abundance in the true sense of the word.

Frequency Academy focuses on the PowerTube® as it is an easy to use device for everyone, with the most dramatic results. Using the PowerTube® relaxes muscle tension, relieves stress, which increases a sense of comfort and better sleep.

The PowerTube is a registered medical device world wide including within Australia under the TGA guidelines as a medical device for pain relief.

What make this device so unique is the shape of the PowerTube® using the Golden Ratio, with high frequencies being alternating current, which means there is no harm to the cell. Martin says the dimension of the device is its unique feature and what allows no harm to the body, the size and volume create the natural mathematical laws which govern the safety of the device. This has been researched and studied at the University of Munich.

Just as a grand piano or a wooden violin produce a distinct sound and frequency, this sound is based upon the case and volume, the size and dimension of the instrument.

The PowerTube® device works on the skin and cycles through three stages that use high frequencies to provide relief.

The 3 fundamental frequencies with the corresponding harmonic series “vibrate” the water molecule in the mitochondria.

Alternating current and frequencies corresponding to the water molecule in the mitochondria make PowerTube a device different to other devices on the market. How does this affect pain relief within your body? Martin explains it is like a window when closed, your view is clear not distorted, however as soon as you open that window the view becomes distorted, this distortion is similar to what happens when the water molecule is not in alignment, the distortion becomes pain.

Another analogy Martin says is trying to open a lock with a key, if the key is not at the correct angle the lock does not open, the angle of the water molecule must be in correct alignment for our bodies to function properly.

How it works: 3 Fundamental Frequencies

The 3 fundamental frequencies used are relevant to the frequencies of the water molecule in the mitochondria which when viewed under microscope 30 million times is a triangle. The edges of the triangle of the water molecule when in alignment with each other support the body to function correctly.

With over 250,000 PowerTubes used worldwide, you can trust that with its convenient, simple and easy to use design this highly functional device will become your best friend.

Disease begins in the power house of the body, the mitochondria, it is like a fire if you don’t have oxygen and wood (or material) to burn the fire will die out.

The PowerTube supports the mitochondria by working on the water molecule, provides oxygen, to keep the fire going in our body.

Our bodies are 81% water, what will happen if we harmonise 81% of our body? Our frequency rises, frequency is the secret, or your key, to a life of ease and less suffering.

The PowerTube frequency device is available for introduction at many events where complimentary soothing sessions are being offered.

Please see the PowerTube Events page for which events and where introduction sessions will be next, or contact your local agent and health care practitioner in your area.

Technology has been abused, in many ways now causing a new discord within our bodies, and our society. However there is also a new field of science bridging and understanding who we really are, connecting us back with our true infinite self. The self connected to the whole, yet biologically individual, with it’s own frequency.

Bio quantum medicine is a new perspective, where technologies are able to source a frequency that may be causing suffering and pain, whether generations back or a recent cause of stress, and harmonise the cells. This can eliminate a held frequency, changing habits and creating a life filled with more ease.

To create connection with each other, with our earth and our true unique gifts, it is paramount we engage to shift our frequency.

Tatiana Savery has over 30 years experience in the health industry. Aware of a missing link between what causes illness to treating illness, she began working with leading edge scientists to bring frequency technologies in line with natural laws to the public.

For more information please contact Tatiana; [email protected] or [email protected] Visit or; Interview on Living Well Radio:

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