Feed your Chakras for Joyous Health


Ali Jardine, founder of The Colour of Health – Food for Life® shares her insights into healing the body by eating foods of certain colours.

The body’s energy field has to be fuelled by quality not quantity. This is because the energy field incorporates all aspects of ourselves, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Blockages in this system show up in many ways, including pain, disease, allergies, food intolerances, depression and loss of energy.


We all have the same colour-based energy system. Animals too have a colour system that indicates their state of health. This is the Chakra system of Indian origin, used as part of a health discipline for thousands of years. 

In the Chakra system, each colour represents a certain part of the body. Eating foods of the colour we are attracted to can have a profound impact on the body. Instead of being pre-programmed to eat certain types of foods, think about eating your colours.


Cravings and health

If we are craving oranges or carrots, our kidneys, bladder, reproductive system and hormones need this particular colour of food to balance out that particular part of the energy in our body. The natural alkalising effect of carrots on the bladder and kidneys helps prevent urinary tract infections. On a Chakra chart, the relationship between the colour orange (navel) and yellow (solar plexus) and the organs mentioned here is clearly defined.

When we listen to our bodies and put in the best of colourful nutrition, as well as positive thought patterns, we can lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, realign our energy system and bring our bodies back to the natural state.


 Overcome fixations

To fully enjoy food, avoid fixating on nutrient consumption. Sometimes first aid for our emotional needs is warranted. Occasionally eating a “naughty food”, such as a few hot chips, without feeling guilty can be healthier than eating loads of healthy food and not enjoying it. However, on a colour-based nutrition path you’ll be eating delicious foods. 

All vegetables, fruit, grain, seeds, herbs, spices, nut based and power foods are quality ingredients to sustain any physically fit body, and the more that we eat of these nutritious colour-drenched foods, the better the outcome.

 Protein truths 

Fact: Protein acts as building blocks for all tissues in the body. Hair, nails and muscles are made of proteins, which go on to produce amino acids.

Each of us is so much more than a physical body, so it follows that feeding our bodies must go much further than nutrition and water.  Myth: We’ve been told we must eat a lot of protein. But in the Western world, the protein source is of animal origin, which when consumed in high quantities it is extremely detrimental to the energy system. 

Protein v waistline: One of the causes of accumulated fat around the middle of the body (solar plexus) is the over consumption of protein. Eventually, this part of the body becomes congested and the digestive system becomes sluggish. Problems connected to the liver, digestion, bowel diseases and stomach disorders follow.

 The answer: Yellow foods keep this part of the body clear. When experiencing any problems associated with over-eating protein, eating more yellow foods will help return the body back to its normal state of being.  

A personal experience

The information I share with my readers and clients is based on my personal experience of realigning my energy system, and bringing my own body back to its natural way of being. Applying the system I have outlined for you, my weight loss was 25 kilos. I also healed my body of all pain and regulated my acid-alkaline balance. I had tried other approaches to my problems before discovering that focusing on colour in my nutrition was the most effective way to restore my health. During the process, I ate only sustainable food, organic and pesticide free.

Feeding the Chakras, along with exercise, has magical results. 


Ali Jardine is a speaker at Conscious Living Expo November 20-21, 2021

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By Ali Jardine, founder of The Colour of Health – Food for Life®.


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