Escaping the Emotional Roller Coaster by Dr Patricia Zurita Ono


ACT – Acceptance & Commitment Therapy is all about just that; Acting, Committing and accepting change in your life is possible and by committing to change or therapy if you choose, you can have a happy, balanced lifestyle for perhaps the first time in your life.

Written for the people who feel too much emotion in their life, Patricia Zurita Ono (Dr Z.) has offered in book form, her many years as a Clinical Psychologist, dealing with what she refers to as ‘super-feelers’ or people who are just ‘too sensitive’; people who often finding themselves overwhelmed by their emotions, lashing out, causing hurt and bewilderment, not only to themselves but the people around them; making information on cause, effect and cure available to everyone.

The level of emotional pain ‘super feelers’ feel varies dramatically, but is, without doubt, debilitating and destructive, occasionally resulting in the ending of a life and other drastic or anti-social behaviours. Something can be done about changing this behaviour, much of which is explained in this Step-by-Step guide to changing your lifestyle to one of ‘being more than your emotions.

This workbook has well-defined sections offering clear and easy to understand information about this debilitating condition based on years of clinical practice and study, many case studies, and a dose of humour threaded throughout to lighten the load. This guide offers a way forward, with a little bit of help from your friends, family and therapist, to a better and healthier understanding of the mind, the emotions and the pathway forward.

 At no point does ‘Dr Z’ suggest it is going to be easy to change the habits of many years, but she states over and over again, that is it very well worth the journey to be able to escape from the daily torture of feeling and reacting to much to life. Read the book, carry out the exercises, relate to the case studies and then make an informed decision as to how you wish to spend the rest of your life!

Regardless of whether you fall into the category of a ‘super-feeler’ or not, reading this book presents a clear and precise understanding of how emotions work and the power of the mind that drives them.

Discover what truly does matter in your life, take a giant step forward and choose ‘value-driven’ behaviour over ‘out of control’ emotions, to live a life that is full of your own values, which goes on to make a massive difference to how you relate to and connect with your loved ones and the many others you will meet on your chosen pathway through life.

Escaping the Emotional Roller Coaster could be considered as a beacon of light in what many perceive as a world of turbulent and dark distress, and one which can make a difference by shining light into dark corners of the emotion and the psyche that drives them!

TITLE:                 Escaping the Emotional Roller Coaster
Author :               Dr Patricia Zurita Ono
ISBN:                  9781925335743
Publisher:           Exile Books

by Jan Mawdesley

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