Dreams Beyond by Sverre Knut Johansen


Haunting beautiful, this delicate work from Sverre Knut Johansen, Dreams Beyond, simply transports to another realm; a realm far beyond the everyday to a place deep in the mysterious mountains of Norway, a place of rebirth, peace and also in some ways a touch of melancholy.

Beginning the journey with Tatra Mountains (introduction) the gentle journey begins with natures influence in Awakening in the form of birds delicately interspersed within the electronic fields, adding the touch of reality that is often required in electronic music.

Dreams Beyond takes the vibration far deeper with a sense of almost awe developing that entices, enchants and moves the journey a long a little bit further, but at the same time encourages a slowing of the senses, better to enjoy the moment.

 Tatra Mountains the full version simply helps the thread continue once again with an almost ethereal ambience created that is almost mesmeric in intent. What magic lies in those mountains is still to be discovered!

The final song Human Connection returns the listener to the world of everyday with immense gentleness and a richness of tone added by the ‘cello played with a delicate precision that winds the notes around the ‘synth’ field with perfection.

Dreams Beyond is a work which will transport from the everyday world to that of the surreal for a delicate, almost dainty time of peace, relaxation and dreams. The work is a tapestry of delightful pieces interwoven into a journey to create a little magic, a sense of mysteriousness to the dreams to be found within the emotions when they are simply allowed to flow.

Perfect for relaxation, meditation and simply for focusing when there is a need, Dreams Beyond is a totally immersive journey or ‘dreamscape’ there to be enjoyed.

Website                                                    https://spottedpeccary.com
Distributor                                                Spotted Peccary
Released                                                   2020
Artists                                                      Sverre Knut Johansen

Review By Janet Mawdesley September 30, 2021, 11:15 Am

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