Do You Create Your Own Health?



 Professional Psychic, Reiki Master Teacher Linda Blackshaw looks at how we can improve our wellbeing through increasing our self-awareness and changing our self-talk.

 Being part of the first world, when poor health strikes Australians can form a 50-50 partnership with health professionals, allied practitioners and therapists.

 Yet when it comes to following a doctor’s instructions, do we cooperate? In too many cases, the answer would be “only up to a point”. The non-compliant among us are likely to stop taking antibiotics before completing the course. Is it any wonder that antibiotics take longer to work next time?

Hands up if you have ever engaged the services of a dietician and followed the diet prepared for you, up to a point. You trailed off until you were no longer adhering to any part of the plan. The diet will take longer to work next time.

 ‘What we say about our own health to ourselves and others impacts on how we manifest our wellbeing, or lack of it’

We can sabotage our aims

Do you listen to your own body? It is important to do this, as the body is the barometer of our state of health. However, that is not enough. Our thought processes and what we say about our own health to ourselves and others impact on how we manifest our wellbeing, or lack of it.

We can sabotage our aims or increase our wellbeing.

How do you think? What are the words you use when thinking or talking about your health? For example, are you trying to lose weight?

Are you making statements like “I am going to lose x amount” or “I want to lose x amount but it is hard to stick to the diet”? Or you could be thinking along the lines of “I’m missing chocolate or chips or soft drink”. Through repeating these words either in your mind or when speaking with others will cause you to crave these items more.

 Stop focusing on failures

If you have a tendency to binge on treats, mentally beating yourself up about it will ensure it will revisit you. Release that little error. Create a different thought pattern around it to avoid setting yourself up to fail again. Stop focusing on past failures: like attracts like.

Change your thought patterns to:

  • I am now (whatever healthy target weight you select) and people notice.
  • I make healthy food choices.
  • I am reshaping (or redefining or refining) my body.
  • I have more energy to do different things.
  • I accept myself and love my uniqueness.
  • I embrace a healthy fun filled life.
  • I am open to change.

 ‘Study the words you use, because even those that appear harmless can have a negative impact’

No room for negative words

Notice that the words ‘losing’ and ‘weight’ are not in these suggested thought patterns. What do you get when you focus on these two words? You tell yourself you are a loser and you gain more weight. Or if you are lucky the weight stays the same.

Losing is a powerfully negative word. Constantly using it has an effect that is the opposite of what you want: instead of the weight coming off it increases or it stays the same. There is no room for negative words in your self-talk.

Study the words you use, because even those that appear harmless can have a negative impact. I am sure we’ve all used variations of “I would do that but…” or “I’d like to do that but it’s not going to happen.” You’ve just told the Universe not to bother, so it won’t assist you in achieving your goals. It heard what you said and moved on to the next thing. You’ve proved yourself right; nothing changed.

When faced with a health issue, find a General Practitioner, Naturopath or an alternative practitioner who supports you and assists in you getting well. To help your treatment work, change your thinking pattern and the words you use in your self-talk. Be open to trying new approaches or to repeating a treatment. This is now. Base your thinking on now, not what happened in the past or what might happen.

Paying close attention to medications or supplements is important. This is where you need to know your body and speak up. Make sure prescriptions or recommended supplements do not contain something you are allergic to. Before you start taking it, ask whoever has dispensed or sold it to you to explain the ‘ingredients’ in the formula, and their actions in the body.

What do you do if you have an ongoing ailment? I’ll give you an example.

I have a genetic liver disease that might require a liver transplant. When diagnosed I just heard “transplant” and went into a tailspin. A week later I realised “transplant” was only a “might”. I decided I would live to at least 97 years of age with this liver and none other.

I take medication, give myself Reiki and walk around with my hand over my liver, saying to it: “I love my liver. My liver is healthy.” In the 12 years since diagnosis, my liver has not deteriorated and my medication has been reduced from six tablets a day to four.

Tempting the Universe

When people ask after my health, I tell them it’s “fantastic”, “very good” or “good”. The latter is as bad as it gets. If what I put out comes back to me, I want “good” or “great”. I don’t want “more sickness” or “bad”.

Do I still get headaches? Yes, but not as many. Do I still get colds? Rarely, but I believe by not making a big drama of it, the cold clears up quicker than it used to. When battling a virus I used to say “I’m dying”. When we are born we begin heading for the grave. I don’t know about you but I am in no hurry to get there. Don’t tempt the Universe to create what you’ve put out.

Cooperating with your health professionals is vital. Never stop taking medication a doctor has prescribed for you. Be wary of anyone telling you to do this.

Stop taking a medication only under your doctor’s care. Many medications build up in our bodies, and a sudden stop can be harmful, even dangerous.

Always tell your doctor if you are taking any vitamins or minerals from another practitioner. Never assume that an herb is safe. Always check, because some combinations can cause damage. Your doctor needs to know what you are taking just as your kinesiologist, naturopath or a therapist need to know what medicines you are on. There is a place for all in your healing journey.

Decide now to partner with your health practitioners and therapists. Be mindful of your thoughts and words; be self-aware; be kind to yourself and others.

In this New Year of 2017, accept and love yourself; be positive and loving in your self-talk. Stop being a puppet of your past. Leave its dramas behind you: let it all go. Embrace the present. Plan your future, set your goals. Stop worrying about what might or might not happen.

As you change your thinking and spoken words, you will experience a shift for the better.

Congratulations: you are helping create your health. You are now in partnership with the Universe and your health professionals.


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