Comfort from the Spirit World


Coming from long line of gifted psychics, Psychic Medium Annette Christopoulos is the first in her lineage to use her gift professionally.

Annette recalls seeing Spirits from an early age and her extra sensory perception has increased over the years to the point where she is able to read Past Lives, Present and the Future.

She “talks” to those who have “crossed over” (including animals) by “seeing, hearing, feeling” and sometimes even “smelling” odours such as perfume, after shave and cooking.

Being a Psychic Medium requires Annette to lead a balanced, disciplined life and to be empathic with all who ask for her help.
There is nothing more satisfying for her than providing reassurance and comfort after the loss of a loved one.

“Passing messages that are funny, sad, emotional and informative can help grieving people move on and live – instead of merely existing,” Annette said.

Love is eternal
“It allows them to understand that love is eternal: it never dies.”

At times the emotions that come through from those who have passed over can be heart wrenching, but Annette believes she must relay their messages in the way they are given to her.

Truth, hope, laughter, tears, faith, compassion can all be part of a reading with a person looking for answers after the death of a loved one.
Maintaining integrity in her work is important to Annette. For this reason, on an ongoing basis, she set tests for herself.

Interestingly, Annette has pinpointed locations of peoples whereabouts on maps as far away as the UK, during international readings.

Annette Cristopoulos, Australian Psychic Medium, has many Australian and international clients. Website: 

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