Say goodbye to coconut oil and hello to energy 6x stronger.  Upgraded MCT Oil benefits:

Tired of constantly craving caffeine? Want a thermogenic immune boost with your energy? Bulleproof® Upgraded™ MCT Oil offers many benefits, including:

1: Fast Energy – Upgraded MCT oil converts into energy faster than other oils

2: Better Blood Chemistry – helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels

3: Nutrient Absorption – improves absorption and use of vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium

4: Immune System Benefits – helps lessen harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi inside the body

5: Healthy Cell Membranes – serves as stable building block of cell membranes

6: Easy Storage – no refrigeration required and liquid at room temperature

7: Flavourless – can be used in cooking. Or mix into any smoothie, or soup 9: Packaged in recyclable, BPA-free plastic bottles that do not release chemicals into the oil; GMO-free, aflatoxinfree, BSE/TSE-free and melamine-free. The manufacturer of Upgraded MCT Oil is a member of the RSPO, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. www.buttercoffee.com.au


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