Start Up Kit – Spirulina in your home


Spirulina seed culture from the Spirulina Grow Co

If ever there was a Rockstar of superfoods it would have to be spirulina (Athrospira platensis) and now you can grow it in your own home. Using a lot less space and requiring only a fraction of the time it takes to tend a vegetable garden you can grow enough spirulina to keep your family in a fresh supply of this potent food.

Packed full of essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients spirulina is one of the most nutritionally dense foods known to us. What is more it is scientifically proven to promote and stimulate the immune system, restore and enhance beneficial intestinal flora, enhance the body’s own natural healing responses, strengthen neuro-protection, promote anti-aging, detoxify pollutants, heavy metals, radioactive compounds and to improve eye and cellular health with antioxidants.

The Spirulina Grow Co, offers you the opportunity to grow spirulina in your own home. The company provides you with a living culture of the organism plus a food grade nutrient mix and concise step-by-step growing instructions to get your own culture up and growing.


The growing instruction seem simple enough. Essentially, you set up what amounts to an aquarium: you add water and nutrients, pump air through it, heat it with an aquarium heater if need be and then add the live culture and put it a sunny location. If you maintain the right conditions (temperature, light and nutrients) the organism will look after itself and double in volume every 2 – 3 days. It is relatively low maintenance once the culture has reached full capacity.

Harvesting, as per the instructions, is straight forward. One just sieves a portion of the culture through the same sort of fabric you would use to make nut milk. You are then left with a green paste which can consumed as is right away or frozen for later consumption. To regrow what you have harvested, you just add some more nutrients to the culture vessel.

The equipment needed to set up and maintain a spirulina farm is fairly basic and can all be purchased on e-bay or found in local hardware or aquarium stores.

All in all, spirulina farming is a straight forward process that promises to bare rich fruit whilst not burning a hole in your pocket or chewing up your time.

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